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Project 92 is elite!!!!

thanks to rick for making my "3rd row in a 2cnd gen " a sticky...
my name is jj from missouri been trolling on here for years
started with my 93 had a 97 (bad t-case and 250,x.. miles) now a 2000 eb (wifes) ....

2000 eb green/tan grey leather almost fully loaded (no sunroof v8 or back up sensers) 4.0 sohc

1993 explorer red xlt 4th motor and tranny getting installed soon...

1993 sport good 4.0 bad tranny (wonder why?) this is going to be a diesel project just have to find a 4bt or a mercedes (turbo of course)

learned alot of stuff on here and by hands on experience..


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January 8, 2006
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Congrats :chug: use your new eliteness well!