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Project broken trucks for new owners.

Kris Guilbeaux

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February 12, 1999
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Well this Weekend was a blast. I had so much fun. Two Trucks had to be moved by trailer over this weekend half way across Texas. We had to get my Explorer from Dallas to Victoria and Randall had to get his Bronco II from Victoria to Houston and we fit some wheeling in to the Mess of every thing.

I desided to Buy Brian Green's lifted 2wd Explorer for a build up Project. Not sure what is wrong with the Motor but he Axle, Motor, and brakes are all shot.

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Randall (Mud*****) bought one of my Friend's Bronco II that I belive has broken a connecting rod.

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Besides having a Blow out on the Trailer before getting the Trailer a mile down the Road the Weekend seemed to be easy going. Man I ate a lot at IHOP on friday Night. We even got some Wheeling in, down at Coleto Creek in Victoria, Tx on Sunday. Michael watch out for those branches and Mud holes!!! Good thing you remembered that you had to tow that Bronco II back to Houston. Damn those Load a$$ 4 wheelers. :mad:

I would like to Thank every one for this great weekend. Randall I would like to Thank you and the Dodge and I might want ot come down to help chop the top on the Bronco II. Michael Thanks for the use of your Rachet straps and every thing else. Alec Thanks for Coming down it is always Great to have you as a co-pilot in the Navajo and for the Speakers, sorry if I did not want to ride in Splat with the NOS, I just dont want to have a Heart attack yet... Be sure to come down in a few weeks and I will help you with your X. Shaggy thanks for leading the Trails out at Coleto. Brian thanks for letting us Crash at your place and taking us to go eat... And Brian Dont worry I will take care of the old Explorer she is in Good hands.

Lets do it again some time.

It was definately a fun series of trips. And there is nothing like bringing home new junk ;)
Hopefully I can get one of my junks running soon so that we can hit the trails again.