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Project build - "Elvira"

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Lambo doors are for Lamborghini's

They are hideous on most anything else. They never work right either, they look alright parked at a car show, or in a music video, but less that they're worthless.

Cardinals ain't my thing either. I'm sure there'll be a few wrinkles to iron out.

I saw that on c-list. I thought at first it was hideous but then thought, with what it has you could sell or redo all the things you think are ugly and not have to worry about making it look worse.

Hideous is putting it nice

I saw that on c-list. I thought at first it was hideous but then thought, with what it has you could sell or redo all the things you think are ugly and not have to worry about making it look worse.

It was local, so why not check it out? From what I was lead to believe over the phone, it was fine; "Cherry" was one of the words used. It would have been good a starting platform. I was hoping for a truck already driven from the south as a rust-free gem in Indy. I wouldn't have had to travel. Would have made a starting platform by picking up where someone else left off. A few tweaks here and there you know? It took me two footsteps out of their shop in the back lot before I decided NOPE. Since I showed up, I may as well walk around it, just humor him a little.

The trim that was there was falling off, what was hanging on was attached with self-tapping sheet-metal screws. The paint, it would have been better in orange to match the texture. The red was painted on top of the black, you could see black peaking through. Wheels had 80 grit sanding marks all over them and two tires were flat. paint was flaking off the chrome lips. Dent's, paint splatters, and runs all over it. Rear door was stock red with no black

The lambo doors were cheapest of the cheap, the bolt on kits were welded on and every door's mating surface was chipped or dented. You could take the doors and push them down so far that it could be a 'reverse lambo'. The doors barely opened enough for you to squeeze in, vaseline would help. None of the body lined up. Back bumper was smushed into the rear quarters. One of the dog legs by the lower back door were gone. Painted over rust and bubbling paint all over.

The interior, no offense to Louisville Cardinal fans, but not my style. The leather work wasn't bad besides the huge rips and cuts from whatever ganster wannabe had in their pockets when they slid in. The chipping rattle-canned plastic interior made me bite my cheek to keep from laughing.

It should be towed straight to the junkyard and put out of it's misery. I have not one good thing to say about it. I would not have accepted it had he given me the title with some spending cash and extra parts to fix it - plus a humble apology for trying to sell this monstrocity to the public.

Wow, those pictures are a perfect sell then. Those hide every flaw you spoke of. I hate when people use the wrong measures to fix things. I personally hate all those duck tape machines. Not hating on duck tape, personally I have a gaff tape wallet.

I am so relieved... I was really worried, thought I misjudged you Rusty.:eek:


Thought I misjudged you Rusty.:eek:

Naah, you're probably right the first time. Stick with your first guess, it's usually right.

Sell or redo all the things you think are ugly and not have to worry about making it look worse.

We've all had a friend that whenever you went out always picked the nastiest white trash ***** in the bar? Well, that was me. You have to bag a few "4's" before you can appreciate a "10".

phew that was a close one-:D

Honestly, it wasn't even close. I'm having bad X withdrawal. I fiending and getting more desperate as the winter presses on. I was belly laughing telling my wife about it on my way back to work. The dude was kind of offended I wasn't interested, and I quote:

"If you find one this nice somewhere else for the same price, buy 10 and bring them back I'll buy them."
- think I found a way to get rich.

"I had an offer of to trade 3 lbs of weed, but I turned it down."
-I kid you not. Shocked? Yup, me too. Not sure what these things go for these days, but this is where two fools met. Maybe he should have, then he could smoke it till it looked good. This isn't something anyone should tell a total stranger either.

I'm just going to keep looking, although I don't think it would be right to call the next one "Elvira". I'm going to bury that name in Explorer Forum History and this thread when I get a new, ur..uhh, used one. You'll know when this thread is closed and there's a hyperlink to the new one.

I'm back again *****es

She's like a blank canvas.


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Wait with a limited platform, are you going for a street vs off-road on this one. What is the plan for first modifications.