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Project Double R...

Yes I have a issues I can't stop messing with these Fords. This is my personal project, but not my first SAS Ranger project built one for buddy and he helped me. Which was my 2nd Ford SAS my first Ford SAS was my DD Project Merc (98 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8). Already have about 20k miles on the Merc in little over a year.
Merc build thread here...

The first Ranger SAS was TNT here is pic...

My new Ranger just picked up April 15th 92 Ranger 4.0L 4x4 bad tranny picked it up for $750. Truck has 159k and pretty rust free just a few spots here and there. Code name Rock Ranger otherwise know as Double R.


Already sold the 8.8 and bed off it. I will be keeping this one pretty simple very similar to TNT.
Things I will be doing...
Trussed Cherokee High pinion Dana 30/ Explorer disc brake 8.8 4.56 gears.
Exo cage
Bronco II tank
Chevy 63-64" leafs
Shorten wheel base to 110"
And a lot more. Should be starting this beast next week I hope. Depends how the new kitchen goes for the boss(my wife for those not married).

And for those wondering why the Dana 30 they are cheap and parts are easy to come by. Which is nice if you do need replacement parts. The Mercs D30 has held up to over 13 trails and 35s with beadlocks without breakage so I would say it is very good axle.

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Alright I have already come a long way in the last 2 weeks since I pulled the thing home...

Bed gone and stock 8.8 gone!

Wheel based shorted to 110" with Chevy 3/4 ton leafs and Explorer disc brake 8.8

Frame shorted 18 inches.

Starting the roll on paint job...


Bye bye TTB...

Went to Ballistic Fab joints stronger and better warranty then Currie and they sell square ends Merc might be getting these soon!




Sitting on it's new axles!

Steering and track bar in kicking butt and taking names!!!!

Chevy brake lines 15 bucks each!!!!!!!

Work like a charm!

Rollers are 31s. Another Flex shot this thing is going to be a Beast!

Rest of the exo tube should be here Tues had to special order it.

Truck is already getting a ton of attention. I plan on selling when it is done and probably start another one later this year.

Winch is ready when I get the front bumper done.

My Detroit locker(rear) and Detroit Truetrue(front) should be here in the next couple days. My diff covers are here too. Need to figure out the tranny soon too truck only has 1st gear right now. LOL I have a super busy week this next week with work so going to try to squeeze some more Rock Ranger time in here soon.

Oh and I already have some 35 inch Kevlars and steelies for it just have not got them mounted up yet.

Looks great!

LMAO! That is why it is called Double R. I knew there had to be someone using the Rock Ranger name. My name is Josh and I think I would be screwed if I had to worry about everyone with the same name. ;-)

No problem. You will like the BII tank. It settles the back end of a ranger down and makes steep down hills not terrifying.

Yeah I figured the Tank would help balance things out. Plus moving the axle forward should help keep more weight over the rear.

Got my driveshafts today. Grand Cherokee front to replace my front. And found a 2nd gen Explorer 4.0 4x4 shaft for the rear.


Ranger shaft next to the Jeep shaft. Jeep shaft is a little thinner but it came from a V8 so should be fine in the truck.

Also got the fuel pump wired up on the BII tank. And both shafts are installed.

I found a transmission today but got a call from a buddy and had to rescue his Jeep hour outside of town. So that ate up all my free time to pull the transmission. Maybe Thurs I can got back and get it. My lockers showed today. So just about ready to rock.

Ford saving a Jeep doesn't get much better unless it is a Chevy...


Detroit No Slip rear and Detroit Truetrac front!

And one more treat to show the difference between the 8.8 left, D44 middle, and D30 right. As you can see the 44 isn't much bigger then the 30 when it comes to gear contact and pinion shaft size. The 8.8 is beast next to the 44.

Got the meats mounted up and almost done with the wood part of the flatbed.





Have to take out the end boards and rip them down. Got all measurements just ran out of time.


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The wood really brings it together, i like it. How far forward did you move the rear axle? And that's good to know about the jeep front shaft, thanks for posting that:thumbsup: