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Project Rear End

I would think that two mono's would be wicked stiff and not allow much flex if you off road. I would think that with two your rate would be roughly twice as stiff or rough however you want to look at it. If you wanted could you use a full AAL for a four door pack or even a use second leaf of a pack to help. It would give you some of what you are looking for without the wicked stiffness. Don't know just my thinking! :)

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Wow, this was a bigger project than I expected with a lot of metal fabrication.

Anyway, as you can see, I made a 5-leaf pack using the OEM 4-door leaf pack I got from, which was a lot weaker than I expected and my old mono leaf. This is a BEAST of a leaf pack, and at this point I'm thinking it may be too stiff. I might have to go back in there again and remove the cut leaf I made and just use the 3 lower thin leafs from the 4-pack and the thick mono leaf as the top leaf.

I took before & after measurements with no load and under load (my 5x10 Haulmark trailer with 2 bikes in it). I have to scavange where I put those numbers and will post them soon.

Below is the before pic under load. The Ex is looking wimpy.


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BTW, Ohm, you are right, the Monos were 3" wide and the 4-pack is 2.5" wide. The U-bolts are spaced even more than 3" wide, so I don't think this width difference has any effect. It the shackle and the front frame bracket that hold the leafs in place.

Here are the Before (with just LMC Truck's OEM 4-door 4-leaf pack) no load heights:
Ground to bottom of left rear fender = 38"
Ground to bottom of right rear fender = 38"
Ground to bottom of hitch = 17-3/8"

I'm still looking for the with-load (trailer) specs, I might have lost them.

I'll take the After specs, kind of waiting for the springs to settle a little first. I hitched up the trailer this morning and the trailer doesn't even phaze the rear ride height. These are some strong springs!