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May 22, 2016
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1991 Ford Explorer xl

I am actually in the process of researching all the parts I need for my 1991 ford explorer but, I am having issues understanding what parts and pieces I need to rebuild my engine. I want to build a new engine that can give my car more horsepower and better cool intake system.

Does anyone have any tips or blueprints to assist me to the right path?

Welcome to the forum :) Most people on here will tell you to drop a larger engine in if you want more horsepower. It's expensive to squeeze the 4.0L OHV for horsepower and when you do, it's not a huge gain.

If you re-do the exhaust with headers for better flow, you may benefit from a bigger throttle body & MAF housing before a cold air intake. Building a cold air intake from scratch though is a bit tricky and I personally haven't seen any true cold air intakes that were worthwhile. Some of the better ones cut holes in the hood or go with a full snorkel out the fender. There's really no place to suck cold air in unless you go down and risk sucking water or go up and have to cut holes in metal.

Other mods would be a cam. Injectors won't need to be touched unless you're doing forced induction which is a whole other can of worms and requires a tune from what I've read.

Thanks, natekiki2004 you were very informational and thanks for the links to the videos and pics that gave me more to think about.:D