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Project snorkel


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February 3, 2014
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Micco, FL
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2004 Explorer Sport Trac
So I really didn't like the original location of the air intake and I already had one more close scare than I was comfortable with so I needed to do something about that. Since nobody makes a snorkel for our trucks, I took matters into my own hands and built my own. I ordered one of the Safari knock off heads from Amazon for $26, I got the 3" flex tube and coupling from Autozone, and had to special order the 2.5" PVC pipe and 45 degree elbows from Grainger. The pipe was only sold in 10' sections so I had a lot to play with. I tried to take some pics as I went along.









Obligatory Home Depot run in the middle of a project.



I took some of the left over Herculiner and painted the pipe with that. All in all I'm really happy with how it turned out. The cutting and trimming of the fender took the longest by far. Didn't really expect to have to do as much cutting as I did inside the fender.

If I had to do it over again, I'd try to get the pipe closer to the pillar for some more protection against branches and stuff. I think it will be fine though since the fender holds it in really snug.

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Looks good man, I plan on buildind one for my 91 somewhere in the near future. I have the 3 inch PVC already, just need the elbows, flex tube and snorkel head. I just dread cutting up my custom fiberglass fender.


Looks good man. You might want to add some foam around the flex hose where it goes through the inner fender so it doesn't get cut and leak. What did you do to seal the oil breather tube from the valve cover to the intake tube? If you're going deep enough into the water you'll want to put some Vaseline around the ECU and other electrical connections. Other major things you'll want to extend the breather lines for is the diffs , trans and seal the coolant overflow better when going into the water.

I was going to build my snorkel this summer but I'm doing a V8 swap with a 351w and the intake goes to the driver side. I'll probably run the intake into the cab of the truck so it always gets clean air.

Thanks! I ground down the edges of the hole in the inner fender and put some aviation door trim around the hole so I think the flex tube will be ok. The foam isn't a bad idea though and a little extra protection won't hurt.

I've got all the tubing to extend the breather lines. That's next weekends project. I'm gonna bring the rear up to the the taillight and the fronts up to the top of the firewall. I've got some dielectric grease for all the electrical connections. I don't ever plan on going super deep but I'd like to be protected in case a mistake happens. Lots of the swampland trails out here can get really wet really fast.

Sorry to bring back a old thread. But I have a couple questions.
1.) How did you block off the original opening in the air box?
2.) What did you use to connect the flex hose to the air box in the different location?