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Project sploder v.4.0

lets blaze

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October 25, 2006
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1993 xl
I picked up this 94 Sport for $500.00, I knew it had a bad head gasket(no big deal) Since I have a few extra motors laying around.
Specs as of now.
4.0 with Mitsu 5sp trans.
L/S 3.73 8.8
(3) 31" Procomp Xterrains and one Wrangler MTR on American Racing rims.
Sweet tint Job!
This one is way cleaner then the other 2 projects that were rotting and are now donating drivelines to other rigs and are going to get crushed this weekend to pay for this one.
New Goal is motor swap when I get time and get this effing thing to silver this summer since I failed last summer.
Since purchasing this a year and a half ago I have yet to get the motor in but have picked up some 1in wheel spacers, 4-16in aluminum ranger rims and 5 Treadwright Guard Dogs 285/75/16's for $360.00 tires have about 7k on them.
Plan is a 2in body lift and make use of the 2in springs I also have go shackle lift in the rear. Flowmaster 40 for the exhaust, open the throttle body up some and make a new CIA with a cone filter.



Hauled all 5 in this bad boy!!!
R.I.P 1993 Saturn Wagon (aka the hotness)

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I'm so sad a I went to check on this in the back yard and the truck nuts on the back rotted off :(

where do you live , sounds like alot of salt and snow , or sand and water , but either way not a bad looking sport !!

Michigan, the rope tied the nuts to the bumper rotted.
Thinking I may paint it like this guys off here.

It was quite solid when I bought it, besides the rockers which will be removed and sliders put on.

So I finally got a start on it. Alboy and Big Al came over to help and bring a cherry picker. I caught Al buying his latest mod for his TJ. :teehee:

The start of the removal. The radiator had nothing but dust in it from the blown headgasket.

Sexy chilling on Jackstands.

Shooting to have the new motor in and running Saturday. Then working on the lift.

Yesterday I put fluids back in the scoobie and took her for a baja run and tested the flex. It need a bit more droop. :)


Someone broke in and stole my motor, and left a mouse nest that stunk like kaka :(

Them *******s also cleaned up my lift springs and re-painted them. :/


Also acquired this.


So after a few months delay I finally mounted the tires on the rims.
They were put on stock Ranja teardrops 16" wheels.

My 8 year old approves

Thinks I'm gonna need a bit of lift.

Oh and the motors still not in it yet. :(
I also have a new clutch to put in as well as a freshly turned flywheel. KyleM put a nice finishing touch on it after he finished it for me. :D

Good start.

Getting there !

So Kyle M the mad scientist who created this on TRS

is now in possesion and control of the build. I have awesome friends. It appears the TTB will be no more and a 44/9 will be in place. I have no idea what to think of how this will become.

so in less then 24 hours of having it, I see this pic posted with the comment "I was bored"

So these have been donated from a previous rig.

Looking forward to seeing this project done. Judging by the rate of response on gl4x4 and Kyle's way of killing bored time, this project will be done in no time.

Spent a couple hours out in the garage, got the frame cleared of all the old spring mounts, cleared the engine crossmember of all the old ttb crap, and clearanced it for the new axle.


Flywheel on, new clutch on, throwout installed, manifold studs repaired (drilled out)


Junk pile getting bigger....


I wish I had half the "Bored time" he has. :(

Brought Kyle a delivery of goods today.


Nice , How did you put them in the Ranger ? .

I turned it into a chevy 1500... hehehe

Now I gotta unload all my ttb stuff, I have a few front, both manual and auto hubs, and 1in wheel spacers as well as my 287575/16's.
I need to fund my 35"+ tires.

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Stacked up nicely ready for an explorer to bolt to....