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Project: Trail-worthy, a build thread


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April 28, 2009
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Tucson, AZ
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'94 Mazda Navajo
I will be getting a 94 Navajo 2-door from my uncle in a few weeks, and thought I would start a build thread for it. Currently it is most of the way through a motor swap, an 86 mustang 302 being the donor. The ex will need some work to get to running condition, so I will be using this thread to post my progress and ask questions regarding the build. My plans for it are as follows:

1. Finish Engine swap

2. Repaint it
I plan on painting it over the summer with krylon camo paint, in a desert tan color. My first question being, what all will I need to do in order to prep the vehicle for painting? I know I will need to tape off/cover anything that should not have paint on it, but will I need to sand or roughen up the current paint?

It has TTB, and through a major SNAFU, The front is geared 3.27 and the rear is 3.08. So it will need a regear also. I at some point in the future plan on putting a dana 44 front on it and possibly regearing the 8.8 at the same time.

My end goal for this ex is to have a weekend toy to beat up on trails, and use as a camping/hunting vehicle. This ex is gonna be a project to keep working on and modifying.

edit: before pictures will be coming soon, I need to get them off my camera.

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good luck with that :popcorn:

...Welcome here...:D

...Yea, I myself got my X just for fishing and camping ...:rolleyes:

...You don't need to add a solid axle to go just about anywhere with it though...Keep us posted and it's good to see another project build on here...:popcorn:

Its been a while since I started this thread, but I have been busy with school. I picked up the Navajo tonight. It looks nice in my driveway, finally. Tomorrow Im going to begin an inventory of all the parts in the backseat ( its full of assorted bolts and engine parts) and starting a record of what needs to be fixed. This project is finally getting underway :biggthump

...Did the 302 get finished being put in???...It's time to share some pictures with us...:popcorn:

i too have a navajo. now i dont feel so alone!! im looking forward to seeing a v8 navajo rippin up the trails!!you need some build pics!

Here are some quick shots of it in the driveway.








The gas tank, radiator, and DS are all in the back seat right now.

Wonder if you could just swap the carrier and pinion with a 3.27 one? Can't remember it that requires doing lash and whatnot.