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Projector fogs or stock fogs?

Just want to get some opinions.

I am in the process of getting new fogs lights because my passenger side glass broke and now the light is no good. I just upgraded my headlights to JDM black crystal clear headlights with black clear corner lights with 6000K HIDs and I want to get new fogs with 6000k HIDs also.

So which would look better with HIDs:

Projector fog
Brand new stock fogs?

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6000K HIDs? You mean a real HID conversion kit, HID type bulbs with the stock connector, or just the 6000K "superwhite" HID-look halogen bulbs? Theres a big difference.

If you can find the "6000K HID" bulbs for the stock fogs, that could be an option.

Projector fogs are VERY nice, though. Some quality brand name units like Hella's would cost less than the factory fogs and put out more light, although I have seen some inexpensive OE fogs on ebay, but they might be aftermarket knockoffs.

If you're going for cost and ease of install, some replacement aftermarket OE-type fog lights might be the ticket, especially if you can get those "6000K HID" bulbs in the OE bulb size.

If money's no object and you want some fog light bling to go with your JDM black crystal clear headlights, you might consider some aftermarket projector fogs, even if you will just be slapping in superwhite bulbs to match the light color of the headlights.

I have the HID conversion kit. No way I would get those halogen bulbs. I think they look stupid. And I really dont care about the cost unless they are way over $100. It is a christmas present that I get to pick :) But I want the fogs to fit into the in original spots as the stock ones.

Projectors will give you the best light beam. OEM fogs with HID will give you a Blob of glaring light.

Most if not all fog lights under $100 will just use H3 55W bulbs. You can either use regular 55W bulbs for your fogs to take up the slack in foul weather when the conversion HIDs "disappear" on dark or wet roads, or even use yellow 55W bulbs or just get fog lamps with yellow lenses.

The "HID" fogs are more like auxillary headlights or cornering lamps since they aren't really effective in fog or foul weather, and just put out a spread of light close to the front of the vehicle. These are like $299+ though, a bit out of that sub-$100 price range.

You could also get a "6000K HID conversion kit" for the H3 bulb fog lights, they seem to be in the $50-100 price range so maybe you could find a set of aftermarket lights for now, then save up for the kit later.

yea I plan on just buying the fogs now and then saving up for the HID conversion kit. I found a pair of projector fogs on ebay for like $80 so I going to get those and then get the conversion kit.