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Projector Headlight Assembly Pricing

I have a pair of projector headlight assemblies for 1995-2000 explorers along with a 8,000k HID plug & play kit including ballasts & wiring I'm looking to part with...

Question is how much is a fair price to ask for them?

I know when I am actually selling them the post will go is the classifieds section instead of in here...

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post pics of them. Are they retrofitted?

here are pics of the headlight assemblies and clear corners installed on my explorer



where did you get those? i have been looking and havent found any yet

how is the light output of those compared to the stock assembely? i have a 12000k hid kit with the stock headlight assembelies and while way better then before the light output is still not what i want.

do you have projectors for fog lights as well?

looks like he does and i have seen those on ebay for the 99's and up just not for mine