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Puddle Lamp/Reading Lamp


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April 6, 2011
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2007 XLT
Looking for any help here...My puddle lamps under the side view mirror stay ON while the interior reading lamps DONT WORK as well as the lighting around the temp control. All the other lights work just fine. Tried the dimmer, no doors ajar, disconnected battery, etc. I tried pulling every fuse and relay....just cant figure it out. Any one have this problem or have any ideas?

2007 XLT

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I havent heard of that problem usually they only stay on when a door is open or when you have the light dimmer turned all the way to the right so that the interior lights come on. I would say check all your door connections and even the window glass other than that Im just as baffled as you are. Let me know what you find out.

Still trouble shooting and now I found out that my front wipers dont work either but the rear does....

Have you checked all your fuses and relays? Have you tested your windshield wiper motor seperately from the vehicle?

I think there is an option on the computer system to turn the lights on and off. I forgot where those, you just have to miss around with the computer system until you come to option that does with lighting.

It ended up being some computer module comprimised by water. Not sure what specific computer module it was, something with the Alarm system so it was an expensive one, $800. Thankfully I know someone at Ford so I got it at cost. And yes, the wiper was a seperate thing. Just stupid how all that happened at once.