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Puddle Lights Out - Relay Bad?


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November 11, 2007
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Tampa, FL
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2000 XLT
My puddle lights have quit on my 2000 XLT. They'd been acting up for some time and would occasionally stop for a day or so, but now they're caput.

The bulbs are good and as far as I can tell no fuses are blown. I therefore suspect a relay problem.

Issue is, I don't know where the relay is located. I saw one reference to a rear junction/relay box on the passenger side. Well, on the driver's side, behind the jack door, there appears to be a relay box - is this the one? Unfortunately it appears I have to pull the quarter panel off to access it. Before I go to that trouble, I'd like some confirmation that I'm in the right area.

Thanks in advance!

To follow up on myself... the rear relay box on a 4dr 2000 XLT is in the driver's side rear quarter panel. It can be accessed w/out removing the trim by removing two screws and pulling down the box.

I never determined if any of the relays there control the puddle lamps as that ended up not being the problem.

The problem is somehow related to the dashboard dimmer switch. I accidentally discovered this and responded by spraying it with contact cleaner. Still seems a little winky, but at least my puddle lamps are working and possibly my dashboard lamps are brighter.