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pull to right after new rotor pads caliper etc


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April 8, 2004
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96 XLT
I have a '96 XLT with 160K miles which has a slight pull to the right. I replaced calipers & pads and it was still there. I then replace the rubber brake line to the calipers. I thought it went away but after about 1 k miles it has come back. Not as bad as before but it is still there. It seems to occur on the ride home from work as I am using the brakes more due to traffic.
Tires are in excellent shape and properly inflated. I do hear a slight clunk in the front right suspension(usualluy when make a right turn but when I look at front end all looks good and tight. Also this clunking sound happens occasionally NOT all the time.

1. Could this pull be suspension related(the pull only occurs when braking. While driving car drives straight with NO pulls)
2. Could the proprtioning valve in the master cylinder be bad.
3.Could I have a bad rotor (I was thinking of switching rotors to opposite sites to see if the pull moves)

I am truly at a loss any thought please

Ray :usa:

I'd inspect the pads and make sure they're not glazed. Check and make sure the calipers aren't siezed and hanging up on the rotor. Rebleed the brakes to make sure there is no air anywhere in the system. When you replaced the calipers did you replace & lube the slide pins? It's possible they're not allowing the pad to release from the rotor and causing it to pull but I doubt it. The clunking you hear could be the balls joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings or possibly the front sway bar. To check the first three jack up the front end of your truck and check for any sort of play in any of those parts.

Sorry to hijack a little, but my 94 has been pulling to the right a LOT when driving and straightens out when braking. I noticed a large build up of brake dust on my passenger front tire, but none on the driver's. I was thinking that maybe the pad was dragging on the rotor, but didn't know if this was possible.

Is this what you were talking about Doug?

How can I fix it?

Can it be a short-term fix till I can get new rotors, pads, and calipers in?

I was going to replace the rotors pads and caliper anyway (it's way past time) do I need to do anything special to them to keep this from happening?

Just take the wheel off and knock the pins out with a hammer and screwdriver and grease em up good and tap them back in, the problem should be gone.