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Pulled over by police... need help/advice/thoughts/way of getting off!!

I really, REALLY hate these "help me get out of a ticket" threads because you always get people coming down hard on the police. Funny how cops are under constant attack and criticism by the public, never able to do anything right, but yet are supposed to remain pleasant and nice all the time. Just think about it for awhile...imagine going to work for 8 or 10 or 12 hours a day and constantly being told how you do nothing right, being called every name in the book, being asked to fix someone else's every problem, from child care and rearing issues to figuring out why somebody dies, and on and on, just like Chad above. Oh yeah, then there is the whole physical risk involved, but if you beat the bad guy to the trigger you are usually lambasted and labeled, but if you don't beat the bad guy to the trigger you get dead.

I can't speak for everybody, but it has been my experience that if you are polite you will be treated nicely, if you lip off and throw down a bunch of attitude, well, that is your decision and will no doubt taint your view of cops, but you kinda bring that on yourself.

The only people that have any business actually responding to the original question in this thread are residents of the state where he was ticketed, or anybody else who has expertise in that state's laws. How things work in other states have no bearing on his situation.

BTW, sorry about the rant, but Washington has had 3 cops murdered in the last 16 months and I am about sick of the constant cop bashing and ungratefulness! And yes, you could say I am very close to someone in Law Enforcement.

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our court system looks like this...overcrowded, and rather uncaring of joe smith (you) call the local prosecutor for the court you are dealing with...explain you have never been there before and were doing work for the state govt. tell them why u were going there etc... see if you ca work out a deal for a lesser charge or multiple lesser charges, like two parking tickets or something... no matter what the court will get some moneyt out of you, them or a lawyer will. I work in law enforcement, usually as long as the court gets $$$ from you they will be happy, how much depends on you.

:hammer:that may seem like a huge fine to you while your in college, but it's cheap compared to mine, not to mention you got off with no points cause it's not a moving violation. and yes I attend college also.

Why do so many of us disrespect cops? :mad:

everyday they put there life on the line for everyone out there, sure some of them can be jerks at times, but think about all the times you've been a jerk or a little punk towards them. They deserve a lot more respect than some people here have given them. I have friends in law enforcement. I knew an officer that was shot in the back of the head while getting gas in protest of police brutality. :(The guy he supposedly beat unjustified fought off four officers and then had a heart attack after being arrested from overdosing on meth and was on his way to the hospital . He was beaten up pretty bad, but so were the officers. Still sound like police brutality to you now knowing it took 4 officers to sustain him and they still took a beating? So how can you hold these guys in such low respect when some of them pay with there lives, and leave there families, wives and children behind, all just to protect you and me? :fire:

sorry to sound like a jerk, It's just that i get worked up over these subjects ever since the officer died and wish more people would realize what these guys go through, and i HATE stereotypes :shoot:

Im not sure about everywhere else, but in SC, as long as the ticket doesnt take away any points, it wont affect your insurance rates, They havent on me, and I live in Greenville, SC. Luckily I slowed my ass down when my liscense was in danger of being suspended. Just dont speed, especially in a ped. zone. who pulled you over? SCHP? Horry County, or MBPD?


The Surfside Beach police got me. I still think its racial profiling!!:D Don't they know what its like to be a stuggling artist growing up on the streets today!:D

Slightly off topic.

I have nothing against policemen and especially policewomen ;). I used to have a 5.0 Mustang and got pulled over on average 3 time/year. I always thought why me, but looking back it was obvious I was breaking the law. So I don't speed anymore and I don't worry about being pulled over. So the math formula for those you didn't already no it:

SP = Speeding NS= Not speeding
MD = Male driver....FD = Female driver
MO = Male officer...FO = Female officer

SP + MD + MO =Ticket
SP + MD + FO = Ticket
SP + FD + MO = Warning
SP + FD + FO = Ticket
NS + MD + Mustang + (MO) = Ticket

What does irk me is when the chief of police will setup sporadic radar traps under the pretense they are targeting offenders to stop them from speeding in the future, thus making the streets safe for its citizens... Sporadic enforcement only targets a small section fo the populations and does NOT help in the long run. If the chief of police & Mayor really wanted to make the streets safe they would have radar/bad driving patrols EVERY DAY. People would quickly learn the police/local gov't are serious and they would obey the traffic laws (not just for a few days, but always). Sporadic enforcement is like an occasional work out at the gym..It slightly helps for a day, but the leaves a sore feeling the next.

Like alot have already posted you played the game and you lost.. Pay the ticket...

I was driveing in NJ when the navy frist brought me to PA and got caught doing 75 in a 55 in my firebird. He came to the window and asked me if i knew why he pulled me over, I said jokingly.

"Yea tag im it, you hid very well"

He Just gave me a warning..

Just goes to prove that if you came at them with an attiuide your GOING to get a ticket. If you come at them politly you may or may not get a ticket. You also have to remember you deal with a cop 0-2 times in a year, they deal with a**holes on a daily basis.




im going to court tommorrow in chesapeake....83 in 55...so dont think you have it too bad anyone haha

got off completely. plead not guilty, had "improper equipment"....no fine , no points, no charges at all....just gotta take a one day class:)

nice job, i already took that class for court though... i dont know if they will let me take it again though

get a mechanic that you know pretty well to ummm..."do repairs" to you know "broken things that would make the speed sensor off";)

I was an Horry County Police Officer a few years ago, sorry I didn't see this original thread before, or else I could have helped ya!

I was an Horry County Police Officer a few years ago, sorry I didn't see this original thread before, or else I could have helped ya!

Now that you've brought an almost 6 year old thread back up from the dead, what would/could you have done to help him?

I'm about to go to court to get out of an illegal U-turn ticket, hah. I'm military, my wife's preggers, and I'm poor as balls, so I think I can con'em out of it.:D

Dear lord, holy thread resurrection!! My opinion, if you can afford it, don't do it!!

ahahha, i was thinking Matt hasent been on this site in a while,,,,,,, still on hell of a great looking x that he had! Todd u going to AFN this year!? And easy way of getting out of tickets is to not break the law!,, lol sorry had to bust balls, just gotta becareful as you can be, and beg the judge!

I'm gonna try my best man! You better too. I'm tired of this talking about meeting up an either of us not being able to!