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Pulling motor out of 2000 mountaineer


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February 18, 2010
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Mesa, AZ
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2000 Mountaineer
im pulling the sohc motor out of my mountaineer and was wondering if i should take the engine harness out along with the valve covers nd coil pack..

all i have left to do is pull the last four bolts at the top that go to the bell housing.

i did look at the swedish how to thing but it doesnt help with those last few bolts


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May 26, 2009
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Greenville, SC
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00 Sport FI, 03 Ltd V8
top bolts on bellhousing

I was able to remove several of the four top bolts by working thru the wheel wells after removing the inner fender flap. I only had to get under the vehicle for one of the four and needed several drive extensions to loosen it. I loosened all eight bolts first, then removed the top four bolts, supported the engine weight with a crane and the transmission weight with a scissor jack on top of a block of concrete as shown in this thread: Transmission jack Only then did I remove the lower four transmission to engine bolts. I disconnected the main engine wiring harness from the PCM, the firewall (ground) and connector on the driver side.