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Pulsating voltage gauge and headlights.......


March 7, 1999
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Just recently when i am in gear and idiling my headlights and voltage gauge pulsating,
I just replaced my alternator about 6 months ago...could this be the problem?? Is there way i could put in a beefier alternator??


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I just went through the same thing. When you install a new alternator you also have to install a new wiring harness that goes into the alternator or it will eventually catch on fire. TRUST ME! I KNOW! Also, you have to change the voltage regulator on the back of the alt. It's the grey box thing. This was my whole problem. Cured everything.

Good luck.

Spikeman -

Can you buy the voltage regulator separately from the alternator or is it one combine unit?

KVO-Yes you should be able to buy the regulator separately. When I did my altenator change, I had to buy the regulator. I checked out my old one and the contacts looked fine, but I decided since the altenator was new I would install a new regulator as well to avoid having to replace it later. You should be able to get it from any parts store.

Thanks S., my voltage meter is jumping around like a yoyo.

That was my guess but just wanted to be sure.