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Pumpkin Coil Over Conversion Ramp Photos!

Coil Over Conversion Progress...

There is some visable progress on my coil over conversion. The upper links are finished and their mounts are nearly complete. In fact the right side is complete and the left was being finished while I was there today.

After that they will beef up the lower link, make some modifications to the upper shock mount to allow the shock mounts to be turned 90 degrees from what they were and that's about it.

The photo shows the front axle resting on the ground on the left side. It's actually going to have a limit strap to keep it from going quite that far.

Bump stops will be Bilstein hydraulics.

It should be sitting on the coil overs by the end of the week. At least that's the projection at this time. The shop has access to a huge variety of loaner springs so we will start with 450lbs and go from there.


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Left side mount


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Right side mount


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What we are shooting for...


BTW, Off-Road magazine was at FST today shooting another one of their projects. They noticed my truck as being one of their features and shot the work in progress, there may be another article in the works...

The other project you mean?? Or mine?? The other one is a 2wd pre-runner F-150. Massive travel A-arm suspension all custom. It's going to be a kit.

So when are we going to run Ajax?

When it's done :D and I've tested it on lesser and closer trails :D

OK then,
When are we going to run Raw Deal again:D
Just Joking

Actually I would like Raw Deal to be the inaugural run... Close enough to the staging area in case of trouble, but some good obstacles to test it out with. From there we can do Terminator and beyond... :D I'll give you a call as soon as it's ready :D

Looking Great Rick:thumbsup: Glad to see your project is on the move.:D Mine is at a complete stall right now. :( They are finally sending the housing back to Dynatrac today and my 17' rims won't be ready til end of April. They're on backorder

I'd sure like to run Raw Deal with you and the Hammer.
:bounce: Hope it's ready by then.

We can do a run anytime. Just get it put together correctly and we will be ready when you are!
I look forward to the call. I will get one of my buddies with the Suburban to give those runs a try:D

Still moving along... They sleeved the lower links twice building up the diameter to nearly 2"! That lower bar is beefy, not that I ever bent the old one, but now the lower link will be bearing the weight of the vehicle since the bottom coil over mount will be attached to the link.

The upper links and their mounts are finished. They used some massive aluminum hex stock.

Now they are working on the steering arm on the right side knuckle. The are building a double shear mount for a heim joint.


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Very Nice!

:bounce: Getting closer :bounce:

The Pumpkin was sitting on it's tires today! Trouble is the loaner springs they got were too soft. Turns out the guy who has the loaner springs didn't have anything over 400lbs. The Superlifts that came out of it were 450s. The springs in these photos are 375 over 400.


See all that unused thread at the top... The coil should actually be up there with the correct spring rate.




The shock resovoir is just hanging out it still needs to be mounted.



Yes, it needs a longer bolt;) It also needs the wheel spacers installed still.

Looks great Rick! How much lift (from stock) are you expecting to get?

It's probably 8" or so.

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Everytime I think I am close to catching you on the mods, you up the ante!!!:frustrate