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puny lil leaf springs!


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February 18, 2003
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Monroe, Mi
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'95 Sport 4.0
i just finished my 3" pa lift, and i'm about to do a AAL/shackles/TT as far as the aal... does anyone know the exact part number for a 4x4 95 sport... i hate looking backing there and seeing that puny leaf spring, or should i maybe buy like a set of leaf springs from a 4 door, or would they even fit

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That is exactly what you need to do. You cant use AAL on a mono leaf. So I'd do the shackles.. if thats not enough.. throw some 4door leafs in there.. and take out the shackles. or leave them. whatever floats your ship.

yeah this junk yard down the street has a nice 94(nice for a junk yard) i think i will go measure it up to make sure, he told me like 50 bucks would be cool, so that sounds like a plan. thanks

When I did my shackles on my old mono leaves, all it did was level the rear end to the stock height front.

Definately get some 4 Door Leaves, and then shackles, and then an AAL if you want to go that route. Check out the pics on my photo gallery, and you'll see my same progression.

ok then one more thing, since i'm gonna put the 4 door leafs in, do you guys know the part number for the aal? might as well do them at the same time eh. thanks

If your monos are still strong, Just get the AAL. I have a mono with an AAL on my 95 running and SOA, and am having no problems. If you are ever futher north, hit me up and we could get together. There is a place out here that did my AAL for me and re-arched my monos. It's called Northern Spring. I could get you the number if you are interested.