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purchasing husky liners

Appreciate the effort but I have seen those pictures. I have seen the pictures on manufacturers websites. But they don't show a picture that shows the hump between the 2nd and 3rd row seats with mats installed. And on one of the threads, someone mentions that the 3rd row mats from husky are the weatherbeater (or whatever they call it) even if you get the x act contour for the first two rows and they are different material and 3rd row shinny compared to 1st and 2nd. that may look real bad if they are right next to each other like they probably are. wish someplace carried these locally.

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I know they weren't really what you were looking for but I don't recall a picture having been posted like the one you wanted.

Couple quick pictures. Just installed them. Had a couple fold creases which will go away soon I’m sure.





that would be great. And you can let me know if 3rd row is different (weatherbeater vs contour). I saw somewhere that 3rd row only comes in weatherbeater, but on Husky site it looks like 3rd row is available in both varieties. The behind 3rd row cargo liner is only available in weatherbeater though.

Guess you posted those while I was typing my post! Look good. Looks like there is slit in 3rd row mat right behind where the plastic cover is between 2nd row seats. Perhaps there if need to cut if have console? Any concern of it tearing there?

So I got the complete set of Husky Liners for Christmas. The second row, where it goes over the hump, fits terribly. It is like it has way too much material, like it was made for a vehicle that has a hump an inch higher. Yes I took out factory mats. The Husky mat is "baggy" for lack of better term. It is not tight up against the hump. time will not correct this. Anyone else have this issue?

I agree with hammer. 2nd row fits like trash. so much so it took me a year to pull the trigger on the front row. I finally said screw it and just got them for Christmas. fronts are perfect, I love them, but every time I clean the back I am so disappointed in the fit of the second row

I have the first gen Husky liners from my 2011 Limited in my 2017 Sport, they fit fine on the 2nd row hump. I would send them an email asking for a new 2nd row.

I have the first gen Husky liners from my 2011 Limited in my 2017 Sport, they fit fine on the 2nd row hump. I would send them an email asking for a new 2nd row.

Agreed, mine is also from my previous 2013 and now fit without slack in my 2016

I'm using the 2nd row liner I had in the 2014 MKT and it fits without any issue.

Hi I’m looking for floor liners and can’t find what I’m looking for I have a 2016 Ford Explorer sport with bucket seats and without the consel and looking for husky for the second row anyone can help?
Second row bucket seats without counsel thx.