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Push Button Starts


January 6, 2018
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Kansas City, MO
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13 PIU
Has anyone replaced the key switch with a push button start?

I was looking on ebay last night, and I found a pair of remote/keys for $40 and the push button kit, with remotes, for $50. I was just thinking for $10, I could get the upgrade for my 13 PIU.

I haven't found any thing in the PUI forum, just a thread for a 2000 in the general section.

Just looking for experiences and/or opinions about it.

The kit says it for a 13 explorer, just wondering if it will work in a PI Utility. I'm thinking I will need a hood switch either way.

Since I haven't seen it on anyone's list of mods, I'm guessing it's not a common mod.

Thanks Peter for the link

I honestly couldn’t see why not if the kit includes proximity sensors also the piu doesn’t have pats installed. I will say I went from having 2 cadillacs both push button to 2 explorers and having to use the key was nice