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Put a 347 in an X??? oh yeah


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July 8, 2005
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Well, I don't know how many times i've said this, but my friend has an '89 LX that he was going to drop a 347 into (befor I had said 357, my bad). But he owes his parents money and can't afford to do that anymore. Actually, he can't even afford to keep his car, so hes selling it and getting a '94-'95 cobra.

Lucky for me, he stil has the 347 engine sitting in his garage, and doesn't know what to do with it anymore. So, he said he would sell it to me for $1500. That is damn good if you ask me. The engine is a 302 block, but with the ford racing kit on it to build it up to a 347.

Now I just have to find a transmission to come out of the floor. Yes, I am going to keep my manual in my explorer. I was looking at the tremec transmissions on fordracingparts.com and was wondering if anyone has tried one of these in an explorer?

I'm not in any hurry. I probably wont even start the swap until june or july. It going to cost a lot, as you can imagine.

I just hope it turns out as good as i think it will.

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sweet. :)
Who built the 347?

If your Ex was a 5.0 originally then it would be a piece of cake but I assume you have the 4.0.. so that could be fun.

You may want to look around for a wrecked 5.0 Ex to use for parts, that would make your swap a whole lot easier and neater.

yes it would :)
But with a manual trans he might want to use a Mustang PCM and a distributor in that 347 if hes going EFI for emissions.

Explorer intakes, and front dress = good idea.

my nieghbor has a 347 in his ranger. has a hard time making the tires last.

Can we see this Ranger?

I love pictures


I don't have a digital camera. I'll see if he has any pics I could use. Do you want to see the engine or the truck?

both, under, around,the fit, the parts, the truck :)
Pictures are worth 1000 words...

there was a WICKED Ranger with a 347 stuffed in it built for the desert, let me see if I can find those pics....