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puttin in 4 12's

it was pretty easy for me to find a sub enclosure for 4 15s so ya i think it should be pretty easy umm... are you any good at building i don't think its that hard

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yea i'm plannin on building the box myself. i found the specs for the subs. i know the bazooka subs hit hard i have them hooked up now and got the loudest system at my school. i just want more. is more wrong?????????

Make sure they're in seperate chambers, and producing about the same number of DBs. (look of the efficency of the sub, and increase the number by 3 for every time the wattage is doubled. For example. If you had a 90DB/w sub running with 128 watts, that would be 90+3+3+3+3+3+3+3=111DB. If it had 256 watts, it'd be 114DB.

For one, it's bad to mix subs no matter what, that is just something that is widely accepted and is not very practical to do. Another thing is that I am always amazed that just because somewhat says they have 4 12's you will automatically assume that it's going to be insanely loud. It's not the amount of subs, it's the enclosure and the amplification. One 10 can get louder than 4 12's if the 4 12's are in a crappy box and have a 500 watt amp. Just go look at some of Nate Munson's installs. He had 1 15 I believe hit 169 if not 170 decibles and had 1 10 hit lower 160's.

well what do u suggest as in speakers. should i go for 2 real decent 12's or 15's and what kinda amp. i'm open to suggestions on what yall have to spend. i'll have about 800 bills to spend on this

Which amps do you have right now?

well its just a bazooka 600watt amp i was plannin on sellin that also along with all my stuff

if u had $800 bucks what would u buy

For $600-800 you could get a heck of a system! What brands have you heard of that are good?? Audiobahn, JL, etc. Well ya those are some of the best known in car audio. You could get pretty close to a 1000Watt system (if that what you want) Do you want bass blasting out of your windows? Or do you want a "good sounding system"? I love that personally (espically at school :) www.thezeb.com is still having their sale on Audiobahn equipment. Plus you can do some price matches to get even better deals. Get back to me, ill be right here on the site checking in

I just recently took out my 4 12's I had in the back of my EX. I had to make the box myself and only cost about $20 to make, even though it weighs like 100lbs, it works just fine. I have 4 Pioneer 12's good back in the day, just average now, but they work great.

I have an MMats 1748 watt amp, the amp is insane let me tell you.

I took out the 4 12's cause well to be honest my ears starting going balistic on me, they hurt whenever there were loud sounds or when i had my bass turned on. Don't get me wrong, it was so fun to have the system, it could be heard from around 3/4 to 1 mile away. But its just not worth it in the long run, my ears hurt now, lol.

I'm currently working on making new boxes to fit in the walls of the back of my EX so that it doesn't take up any cargo room. I'm gonna put 2 10's back there, it'll be plenty. The 12's were just mainly for having a good time bumping to Britney Spears and Spice Girls in front of the cool kids, and embarassing other systems, its unpracticle other than that.

Just my .02

I would just get a nice system an amp is very important, get a nice one, and go with 2 12's instead of 4. Me and my friend loaded 8 12's in his truck for a night of fun on the town, and my 4 12's almost hit as hard as the setup we made for that. (My 4 12's were included in the 8, that's why)

Just don't go off busting your ear drums to look cool.

yea definatly the bass blasting out the windows cause mine sounds alright now but i just want more i'm not satisfied. i was thinkin to go with audiobahn. my friend just got the AW1200Q so it definatly has to be better then those ones. i see they have the ALUM15X. those any good ?

Check these amps out ($300) range with 800-1200Watts! That’s a Deal! D class amps ($350-400) help your electrical system out (80% efficient) but once you go over 500Watts it’s a good idea to pick up a cap (1 farad) at less than $80.

This 1200 x 1 @ 1 ohm or 600 x 1 @ 2 ohms is $299.99

D CLASS 800 x 1 @ 1 ohm $350

D Class 1200 x 1 @ 1 ohm $400

The Audiobahn AW1200Q are great 12s thezeb has them for $200 each, but I can get you a price match that will make them $109.99 (you would use 2 of these to create a 1 ohm load.

You could also get 2 15s if you wanted, get back at me.

With wiring you would need 4 gauge to 0 gauge.

yea i think im leanin toward those 15's and definatly would go with one of the 1200 watt amps but whats the difference with the classes?

is it safe to order online off that zeb.com website?

DUDE you havent heard, thezeb.com is one of the BEST to order car audio online, and with $7 shipping why not? The Flame Q subs are some of the newest on Audiobahn's line of subs.

Well, the D class is in a line of its own, with low power consumption, it draws less power, about 20-30% less than the HC (High Current) and the regular A/B amps. The D class would be you best bet if you want to spend the extra $100.

As for the Flame Q with a SPL 96.4 is high which you would be able to push them with less power. You would need 2 to create a 1ohm load. And the best deal I can find is $180 (thezeb 450) for one. You could get the High Excurison 15" for $150 each SPL;93.9


Just check out the entire page of Audiobahn @ thezeb and inform me on what you think would be good. Gotta go eat BRB

i love those flame speakers but i can't find them cheap. thats a bit steep for me. that 34" sub would be real decent man lol just playin..... but those flames look sweet and seem like a pretty good sub also. i would still like to stick with an official audiobahn dealer so i can get the 1 year warranty incase i **** em up i can get new ones.
and i know a cheap site to get wiring kits 4 gauge for only 30 bucks i think thats a steal myself

TheZeb.com is an authorized dealer of audiobahn, and those flames i found a place for 180, thezeb does price matches (allow less than a day to check). Are you talking about knukoncepts.com? Any more help, i will lend a hand :)

yea knukoncepts
u serious
how do u do the price match on there? think that would be a better choice the flames instead of those alum 15's?

and thanx i really appreciate the help

This is wacha do, go to this site:

Find the sub you wanna price match at thezeb.com

Copy the address of the page where its located

Go to thezeb.com and on the top right click "BEST PRICE OR ITS FREE"

Fill in the form and send it in.

I think I found a great setup, tell me wacha think.

The A8001DQ (I can get you a pricematch for $330) the 800 x 1 @ 1ohm amp (this amp will put out close to if not 1000Watts @ 14.4volts (Explorers electrical system)

The AW1505Q with 94.8 efficancy for $250 (price match) You would only need 1 sub since its 1 ohm wired. Saving you over $100 for the same output with out 2 subs. If you still want the flames their $180x2(subs)=$360

The A8001DQ + The AW1505Q= $580

The SQ sub are for sound quality mainly. Not as high SPL.

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