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Q Logic Boxes


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December 9, 2002
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94 XLT
I have a 1994 XLT and would really like to add a sub with my Kenwood MP3 and 3 way Pioneers but I do alot of camping/offroading and like to use my cargo area and do not want to take it up with a sub box. Is there anyway to find cheaper boxes then 170$ made by Qlogic....

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there are many ways- if you just want a simple box try getting one off of ebay.

it doesn't sound like your trying to get enough out of your sub install that the general crappiness of prefab boxes is a problem for you.

also, i think you can get teh qlogic ones a lot cheaper than that too if you look carefully.

It will also help if you give us some more info about what your trying to get out of your sub, and how much your looking to spend on the sub/what kind of sub your using.

I just want my sub to add a little more hit to the system, but I don't want alot of rattling and terrible sound quality. I was just glancing at Rockford Fosgates HE Punches on TheZeb.com.....and that is the cheapest place I have seen custom boxes for a 10 inch sub to fit in the cargo panel. I'd prefer not having "****ty quality" as you describe, but by no means am I entering a competition. I would just like my explorer to have a little bump to it and sound good. I have no defenite price range, I just thought $170 for a Box was quite expensive.

ikesound.com has some rather cheap raptor boxes that are pretty nice for pre-fabs.

those he2s are pretty good low end subs, in the past i've run both the 12s and the 15s myself. Now that i understand your trying to get a box that will go in the cargo pocket area- $175 is a good price. I know i wouldn't consider building one for that $.

Alright thanks alot, I appreciate the help. Any reccommended amps, I know based on the RMS of the sub, but are there any brands you have noticed that work well and don't work well?

Is it a good choice just to get a rockford amp and keep it the same?

AHH no new RF..i have in my car a 2 yo RF and thats about as new as id go..there quality has gone waaay downhill

id suggest MTX..others wont eclipse is good dont buy sony =)

Expo5.0 will have more suggestions for u

Pheonix Gold, JBL, JL, all good amps

^ someones ballin big =-) lol i was more on the bang for buck thing i guess lol =)

Yeah, the 2004 RF line has gone tremendously down, though if you find some 2003 line RF stuff, it won't be too bad (mine's a 2002); friend has an RF 351S 2004 line, and it's quality is sufficiently poor.

JBL are real nice, might want to look into MTX/kicker/alpine amps.

Alright, thanks alot on the sub information, I wasn't aware of the quality going down hill. I had always just recognized them as a reputable brand with decent pricing. So what would a good 10 inch option be, Alpines?

RF is not going downhill.. People are just talking out of their ass.
Go to www.rockfordfosgate.com -> now tell me how it is that they are going downhill?? Just look at their new lineup. Last years amps may get warm, but they dont go into thermal protection or cook themselves or anything like that.

People ***** and moan about the amps running hot. Heat is the nature of an amplifier- in order to develop its power heat must created. Therfore, the heatsink gets Hot because its doing its JOB... by conducting heat away from the amplifier.

i have an older RF amp and it gets warm to the touch after 6-8hrs of constant pounding..a buddy of mine has a brand new RF amp and the difference is deffinantly noticeable..u can tell that the amp isnt putting out as much power 3hrs into the ride as it was 45mins into the ride..u can just tell it is starting to over heat but it wont go into protect to cool itself off itl just continue to run eventhough it sounds worse and worse

id also blame the subs for part of that to..but oh there RF to =)

thats what you get with Suckford Fockgate products...as for the 10" sub options questioned above...Alpine Type R, Image Dynamics IDQ, Infinity Perfects...all give awesome sound quality in small enclosures

Alpine Type-R SWR-1042d
Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1D
JL 10W6v2

would be my choices.

Ok im sorry i dont know anything..... I have owned 2 systems utilizing RF Amps and a system using a RF subs as well. One with the old style RF Amps and one with the new style RF Amps. And ive had no problem with either of them.

But im sorry u must think that because you read a posts on www.sounddomain.com that you know it all.
I dont mind peoples opinions on things as long as its an educated one based on some real world experiance. But when u r just spitting out misinformation that you have read elsewhere it just shows your ignorance.

i never said u didnt know anything and i am speaking from expirence...7-8hrs in that car with the RF amp and RF subs quiting so thats not misinformation

i also do not think i am ignorant

i also said i am running a RF amp RIGHT NOW! but it is the older more reliable better built amp..so im not bashing RF as a whole they just need to step it up a bit with the current line

i also have never been to any forums on sounddomain

Originally posted by mhn3773
7-8hrs in that car with the RF amp and RF subs quiting so thats not misinformation
Sounds more like the install than the product itself.
Ive run both the old and the new from RF and have had no problems.. Sounds like your buddy has more of a "user-error" situation on his hands. driving the amp to clipping or something to that effect..

I appologize if i came off real harsh. I dont like to see any product get a bad rep on a forum simply because people continuosly making comments like "oooh that stuff is garbage" or using childish names like "Suckford Fosgate". When i am trynna get information on something i like to really understand and get real facts... not just somebody saying the same thing they read here or there with zero real world substance..
But sorry for coming off like a real A-hole. My bad.

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