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Qarter Glass - Where I buy ?

February 17, 2019
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Czech Republic
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Prague City
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Ford Explorer 93 XLT 4x4
Hi all

I would need help. I have a broken qarter glass (quarter window)
on my Expo, 93, 4 wd and I want to buy new ones. I can not find the right Eshop in the US anywhere. Will someone please help me with the type or direct link where I can find and order? Thank you very much.

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You likely will not find any new quarter glass for a 91-94 Explorer. The new glass for a 95-01 is fairly rare, I got a couple for my 98 truck.

FYI, hunt for a 1996 or 1997 quarter glass, those are virtually identical. Note they are not the same color, some low trim versions are clear, and many or a very shiny/chrome tint appearance. You probably want the more typical smoke tint color, often called green in some parts descriptions(it's not really green but somewhere between that and smoke/brown). Good luck,

i'm am sure if you lined your ducks in order, then approach that seller on Ebay, explain your situation therein, offer to pay the shipping (whatever that might be to Prague) they would probably send you the product,

I bought a quarter window (to replace one a vandal broke out) from one of the guys here who parts out Explorers, then took it to my window tint shop to have it tinted to match the rest of my car windows. Just make sure you are specific about which side, since they are different.

For shipping, I heard about a guy in Europe who would occasionally buy a used car part in the US, and ask the seller to mail it as a "happy birthday" present. :)