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Quad cab


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May 8, 2008
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buffalo area ny
Ok for starters
1.I cannot afford buying, shipping and kiss the gov. arse to bring a Quad cab here to the states.

2. I have the know how ( i think) to do this project

3. My 10 year old daughter and I need something to do this winter

4. It is going to be a cheap build ( all vehicles cost $1000 together )

5> I get to play with my new toy that is advertised here on the site

6. As an added bonus my wife will leave me alone she never goes out to the barn yahoooooooo j/k dear yes dear rite away dear ect ...lol

W start out with 2 1993 rangers both 4.0/ auto both 4x4 both with axle code 91 so the drivetrain is easy somewhat one is a splash short box stepside other is a ext cab xlt yes both have gray interior

I also have a 96 exploder for the other gray buckets headliner console carpet ect hope u all get the picture. it is a 4 door so i can utilize the door posts and rear windows in the rear doors of ranger.

the rear doors for truck are going to be cut to the window size of the explorer with the rear quater window. this is why i bought the explorer.

the explorer is striped down and setting out side the ext cab is comming in without a box for dismantle and the the splash

when both trucks are ready to pull cabs i will put both in barn at same time to work on them i will post pics in am whem moderator if they approve this project

i need some names for the truck any ideas?? thanks all

Ok pic time just some basics


This is going to be the back half of truck. Snap a line all the way down on each side of the ¼ windows there is going to be a seam this will allow the rear seats to recline a bit.

Not a bad cab to start with

Front end

The donor for the front half



And my rear door posts


they will have to cut and reformed to allow a square rear door
below my daughter and I starting to have fun stripper clyde Sorry from a Clint Eastwood movie forgot the name
Notice the back tape that is going to be the cut lines for plasma when I get to that point

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This looks like a great project.

You might want to read through this thread from Expedition Portal: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15891 He stretched a regular cab to a bigger-than-super cab. It is interesting to read his thought processes as to why he cut where, etc. His is not a 4 door like yours will be, but you might gain a little insite and motivation.

I assume you are going to use the long wheelbase frame, and shorten the bed?

ya that is where my idea came from and my desire to have a quad cab my truck is going to have a ful sized ranger splash box (short box) so i have to use both frames

Ah, so you are going to stretch the wheelbase, too.

Cut the front frame behind the rear of the cab, and cut the back frame at the front of the bed?

yes it will hav the front black frame and the rear green frame that means a new driveshaft. i amthinking that the ext cab with the carrier bearing and custom short saft to transfer will be best for rear oppose to a full lenght shaft

good luck and keep up the good work and be sure to post pics of it once its all completed and done.

ok we (daughter and i ) got the cab gutted except for windsheild take a look




a little surface rust nothing a little sand blast can't cure also a few hole in the driver floor we can take care of that also

How are you planning on cutting the door for the rear?

cut the back half of paas door and fit it to the front of drivers doors and ect for other side. will be using explorer rear door glass

Ah... You must have a lot of patience!

oooooooooooooo, me likey, okay i'm suscribed!!!! Very understanding wife! My girl would kill me if i attempted this.

Well here is the cab off I think I am going to end up using the floor pan from the explorer and cut it down. There is just to much cancer on this to justify using it




At least the front portion and here is a pic of the interior roof


Next is the black splash will start Monday nite when I get it I the barn

someone said i must have alot of patiences. Why do you say that ???:confused:

I was referring to cutting/merging the Ranger and Explorer doors to make one door.

Seems to me that it could be quite tedious.

Im subscribing to this. I love when people make something that should have been offered from the factory like this. Are you gonna have issues passing inspections because you are modifying the frame?

o ya been looking at it that is going to be the BEAR of the project i think

i am planning on doing a few thing with that butt joint , plate with bolts and weld that aslo adding x brace to top it all off dont think it will be an issue it will be undercoated when done

i want to see the progress with this so i had to post. i think it's gonna kick a lot of ass when your done

thanks the black truck is in the barn and front clip is off and carpet and seats are out floor lookgreat so more later and pics

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I'd add some reinforcment into the doors if your gonna cut them in half. Im sure you'll have the little ones in the back, so you wanna make sure that door is a stout sob.