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Quarter of a million Miles 97 Explorer


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November 8, 2008
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Chicago, IL
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89 BroncoII & 05 Taurus
My sister has been driving this explorer for a while now with no problems. The heater doesn't work anymore so I started researching and quickly discovered that her problem is not exclusive to her truck. With the help of members posts on here I am going to fix the blend door tomorrow morning. I REALLY appreciate all the threads on here about this and will post some helpful hints if I come acrossed any in my "explorations" LOL! Thanks Again!

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haha, I know how you feel
I couldnt find help anywhere until i found this forum
They're all so friendly!

You should show some pictures, We Love Pictures here

Best of luck on the work tomorrow =D


Thanks YOU ALL! Blend Door Fix!!!

It took me all day long, but I fixed the heater in the Exploder! I took the advice of a forum contributor and used a razor knife to cut out the bottom of the plenum vs. taking it entirely out via ripping out the entire dash board or removing components through the engine compartment and discharging the A/C.

The most difficult part was that ideally if you have to cut out the bottom of the plenum you would like to do it at an angle so that when you attempt to refit the part it can be reinstalled with ease ----- This Was IMPOSSIBLE! With limited space I wound up removing the passenger seat just so I could get my fat *ss under the dash.

Anyways 8 hours later We have HEAT and I am very GREATFUL to have had the guidance posted on here!!

I will be posting my own explorations on here as I come acrossed them.

Thanks Again,
Mike D.