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Question about Centerforce clutches


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December 4, 2002
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1994 XL
How is the clutch pedal effort with the Centerforce clutch? Any stiffer than stock? Just planning ahead--I'm hoping that bleeding the system will take care of my hard-to-shift-when-hot problem. If not, then slave cylinder, which also means new master cylinder, which also means new clutch... :confused:

Since the clutch is hydrolic there is no difference in clutch feel from one clutch setup to another. If yours is hard to shift, it might be the slave. My advice, spend the extra $$ & get the new slave from Ford. Alot of the aftermarket replacements have problems after a while.

also supposedly the cenerforce clutches, are counter weighted and are not suppsoed to be any harder to press than stock.....

i have a centerforce dual friction on my toyota and didnt notice any difference in pedal feel from the original clutch it had before i put in the DF clutch

Actually the CF one does not have any of the weight or dual friction features for the Explorer application. It's just a standard clutch setup. Although it is high quaily. I ran one & thought is was great.