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Question about cruise control on a 1st Gen Xplorer


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July 16, 2001
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One pet peeve with my 93 Explorer is when you have the cruise control set while on the highway, if you hit a long steep hill the X refuses to downshift to keep the speed up somewhat.

It'll let the needle to the point where if it hits I think 20 kph below the designated cruise the throttle kicks off and you have to put your foot down.

I know this must be the case with all 1st gen Xplorers since this is my second and it does the same thing.

Is there a way to change this...with a chip swap or something? Something to tell the system to downshift when it starts losing significant speed?

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mine never had that problem, it would let off a little bit, but then jump up anotehr 500 rpm and compensate.....

Ok well lets talk a big hill where 500 rpm isn't going to compensate.

My 93 Explorer has just 90k kilometers on the clock and was babied since new - it doesn't kick down a gear when needed unless i get on the gas. It'll give more throttle to try to keep speed up, but not enough to make it jump down a gear.

That's right...neither one of mine will kick down a gear to keep up speed for the CC. I believe even the owner's manual states that it will not kick down a gear. You can step on the gas without having the CC come off, so instead of waiting for the CC to come off before you get on the gas, just press the gas up the hill and then let your foot off the gas- that way you don't have to press the resume button.

Mine does the same thing. I think it's simply that, under load like that, there isn't enough engine vacuum for the CC servo to pull the throttle far enough for the computer to decide to downshift. I either do like Brain suggested (override the CC computer with my foot) or override the EEC-IV computer by grabbing the transmission selector and moving it from OD to D to force the 4-3 downshift.

This I didn't know. I had 2 different 94's & the cruise has worked fine. I never had a real steep hill though.