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Question about D44 knuckles...


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June 25, 2001
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2001 Explorer XLT
I got a leaf sprung Front D44 from an 82 Grand Waggy.

It's got a 6-on-5.5 bolt lug pattern. There's no such adapter to take the rear from 5-on-4.5 to 6.

Are the knuckles from the D44s all interchangable, ie. Dodge, Ford,etc??

And if I change the knuckles, what else would have to be changed to make them work?

I want to get knuckles that'll give me 5-on-5.5 so I can get adapters for the rear and run with one spare...



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Did you pick up your axle today? I remember reading that you were.

If no one here knows for sure, I can take some pics and measurements of Ford knuckles this evening so you can compare.

All dana 44 knuckles are interchangable. They are even interchangable with dana 30 knuckles.

you will need to get the knukles, caliper brackets and spindles from a 78 F150, and you shgould be set, also need the hubs and rotors

Yeah Robb, picked it up today...I was going to pick it up the other day, but when I saw the 6-on-5.5 I got spooked.

I don't want to have to carry 2 spares.

Nobody makes anything to go from 5-on-4.5 to 6 so...I started looking around to see what I could do to get 5-on-5.5, I figure I should be able to get an adapter for the rear to match that.

I read that the SJs have a 5-on-5.5 pattern, but it's hell trying to find stuff up here...I got a quote from the same place I got the axle from for the Ranger box, forgot to ask about the pump. I figure there's probably plenty of them around.

He had knuckles on other axles, but wouldn't sell just the kncukles...I'm gonna see if I can locate any.

Thanks for the info on the knuckles broadens my search.

I cleaned up the axle with some Gumout and the power washer, under the muck- it looks kinda nice. :D

Robb, I'll probably be beggin for a measurement or two to get an idea of where the spring hangers should mount...