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Question about freeze plugs


March 10, 2014
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Wildwood florida
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1994 mazda navajo
Hey guys i have a question about freeze plugs on my 1st gen. Is it possible to reach all the freeze plugs on the block or do i have to pull the engine. If i do not have to pull the engine what do i have to do to reach them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve.:exp::chug:

It's possible but it sure isn't easy to pull and replace all of the freeze plugs on the block with the engine in the vehicle.

Generally replacing a freeze plug is done if a plug is leaking, and then you just remove whatever is blocking access to make pulling the old one and banging in the new one easier.

I would say it's not worth your while to replace all of the freeze plugs for no reason, and you should consider just waiting until you pull the motor or do a rebuild.

If you still want to replace them anyway, just get under there with a flashlight and locate each of the plugs and see what's blocking access, and unplug wires as needed.

You might also find that removing the fenders and wheelwells makes for good side access to the block.

Its darn near impossible to get to them all especially the ones on the back.if you dont clean the holes VERY well and get it pressed in perfectly they seems to leak even tho they are new.

Thanks for the info. The reason i was going to replace them is i have had 2 go bad on me in 1 month so i assumed the rest were going to go anytime. It seems it is time to pull the motor and go thru it and get it over with. I also noticed an oil pan gasket leak.So i guess i will have it rebuilt while its out. Then i might get another 250,000 miles out of it. so thanks once again for the info,Steve