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Question about front hitches


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July 31, 2002
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1994 XLT 4x4
I'm looking into getting a front-mount receiver hitch to mount a winch, sometime in the distant future when i can afford one. :)

My question is, how different are the fronts of the frames in 1991-94 and 95+? Similar mounting holes from the factory? The 91-94 hitches hang down really low, IMHO. I was thinking of getting a later model front hitch and hacking a hole in my bumper. Anyone see a problem with this?

I'm just too cheap to get a custom bumper or do any of the other $400 or so mods just to mount a winch, which will be another $500-800.


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the front frame for the IFS (95+) is WAY different then the Gen I, 91-94.
Not sure about the distance between the mounting holes.
I dont think you need to buy a later model hitch to mount between your frame rails, I would look for a receiver and tube you can use at the junk yard.

Do you plan to weld it on?

Mine has come in pretty handy over the years for getting strapped. I used it to launch a couple jet ski's as well for these girls who spent 45 minutes trying to back down the boat ramp with an RV....... I have the Duff reciever bumper so it is up high, right smack in the middle of the bumper. A winch mounted to this sucker would work, but they stick out pretty far so you better hope you dont have your nose buried in the ground when you get stuck and need it :) Would ne nice to be able to mount it front or back and also take it off when not in use...

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i took the rear hitch from an aerostar and modified it to fit the frame rails, it sits low but man has it been nice to have just as a strap point with a shackle

(dead link)

is that your blood i see on the ground?? :p

This is about as high as you can get it. Mine is butting up against teh radiator support.


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:) Thanks guys! :)

Exactly the info I was looking for, and the pics help immensely. Looks like the way to go for cheap ol' me.

Thanks again!