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Question about gear selector 2005 EB 4.6L 4WD


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February 18, 2014
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Tulum, MX Originally Austin, Tx
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2005 Explorer EB V8 4WD
Hi All,

I finally got my gear selector sliding all the way to park (removed indicator andf cleaned and re-lubed the slide) and centered on each selection. I noticed quite by accident that the shift lever does not lock between N and D. It does lock (have to pull lever forward) between D and 3. I bumped the lever into Neutral with my knee while on the hiway. Fortunately the motor only reved to 3800 RPMs . Is this a full selector replacementy or is there an adjustment within the linkage I need to tackle?

As always, all replies and opinions are encouraged. You folks are the best.

Skipper in Tx