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question about loose manifold bolts...


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December 19, 2000
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94 XLT
The loose manifold issue with the earlier explorers seems to always be accompanied with oil in the cylinders. Especially the # 5 cylinder. I was just wondering, where does the oil come from? How is it getting into the cylinders through a loose intake manifold. Just wondering, mine is going to the shop this week (NOT the dealership ofcourse, @ $72/hr, I DONT THINK SO!) From what I've read, this is going to be expensive!
Thanks for the info!

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I think the oil gets sucked in through the valley which is under the intake and where the cam, lifters, push rods, etc. are in. I just tightened up my intake bolts yesterday and all where about 1/2 turn loose. I didn't have to take the upper intake off either. My X has 165,000mi on it so I hope this cures the detonation.


how'd you tigthen the lower intake bolts w/o removing the upper?? wish i knew how to do that and save me a couple hours, damn!!

Yes could you give us more info on this with the spec like tools needed and how much they should be torqued to. Thanks for your time.


There are 8 total bolts, 6 are size 10mm, and the one in the back, right and front left are 13mm nuts. You are able to get a clear shot at all of them except for the nut on the front in which you must use a swivel or else you need to disconnect other things. All that I took off was the plastic should that says 4.0 and the bolt on the back, top of the upper intake that holds a breather line and an air conditioning line.

Oh and for torque specs, I didn't use any and just used my own judgement....I've tightened many, many bolts without a torque wrench and I know this is not the safest route to go, but I trust myself.

i truly hope it is not that easy. i could have saved myself HOURS and just swiveled the crap out of those bolts. but it did feel good to clean all the crap out and clean the upper intake since it was off. i'll take a look tomorrow and see if i could have done it.

dear ford, please allow me to grab my ankles for you.

Hey Rossneag...
With my recent "getting to know your engine 101" debacle, I'm with you...eventually the intake gaskets would've blown.... uhhh right?

It would be nice to be born with small hands to fit in all the crevices.

they may blow, but i don't think they have the same type of impact as a head gasket when it goes. you would just lose coolant and oil and have to keep your eye on it and replace pretty soon. head gasket, now you've got no choice but to get it off the road.