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question about second amp install


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December 17, 2002
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greentown , Indiana
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94 Explorer xlt
I am gonna be installing a second amp for my door speakers in my 94 xlt. My question is when i run new speaker wires do i need to go to the head unit and disconnect the speaker wires from the radio so it doesnt have power running through them? Also on my rca cables can i just hook one set up to my amp for my sub woofer and run it to my new amp? my head unit only has one set of pre outs. thanks for the help !


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ok i have another question as well. the amp I am installing is a pioneer model GM-X374. on the side it has 3 sets of rca jacks. Well I have an amp already installed for my sub woofer so I need to run another set of rcas from my existing amp to my new one but the question is what set of rcas do I hook these up to? 2 sets of rcas on the amp say input channel A and input channel B then the third set says output?? Can anybody help me out or did i confuse everyone evenmore?:eek: on my remote wire cani just splice into my one for my first amp amp and use it or do I need to run another one from my head unit?

2nd Question: If your sub amp has pass-thru capability, then yes you can just jump from the sub amp to your new amp. This would basically mean that there would be another set of RCA input/outputs next to the place you have your inputs plugged into the amp.

3rd Question: I'm guessing your Pioneer is a 4chan amp, then one input should be the front (A?) and the other the rear (B?)... then the third set (output) is for the pass-thru to link that amp to another. If your sub-amp doesn't have pass-thru, then hook your RCAs from the deck to the Pioneer, then run the output RCA on the Pioneer to the input RCA on the sub amp.

You may be able to just run one set of RCA's to the Pioneer, but then your HU probably won't be able to control front/rear fade.

Remote wire can just be spliced for two amps. That's what I've always done.

1st Question now! Disconnect the speaker leads coming from the Ex's harness and connect new wire to these; run these 4prs of spkr wire back to your amplifier. This is the easiest way; nothing is connected to the speaker outputs on the deck, just tape all 4 +s and -s for the speakers from the deck up.

Hope you follow! Otherwise ask for a better explanation and I'll try to be more clear!

thanks so much for your help :D yes my sub amp has a pass through set of rcas , should i make my new amp my primary amp? cause i dont use my sub amp alot so i have the remote wire switched. and yes my new amp is a 4 channel

Yeah, I suppose you could. Because if your sub-amp is turned off I'm not sure if it'll pass the RCA signal through.