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Question about Sync2 update to Sync3

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December 1, 2014
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Hey its been a while since I've been on here but I came to find some info and ended up confused. I read through a couple of the update/upgrade threads on here but didn't seem to answer my questions.

I have a 2013 XLT Explorer with the MFT / Sync 2. (Is that the same? Sync2 and MyFordTouch?) I have the 8" screen with NAV that I enabled with Forscan and I have an A8 map card.

Again is the MFT and Sync2 the same thing? I see both of those referenced and cant tell if they are same or one is older or what.

I was on and it showed a Sync update available for our car (I have updated in the past, notified syncmyride so I know the version on the site matched what our car had) I downloaded the update for the software WITH NAV (because I added it) It also started talking about the update and it updating to Sync3. Most of the Sync2 to Sync3 threads I see are actual hardware upgrades, meaning swapping parts to get Sync3. So is Sync 3 actually just a software update? Or is it a hardware upgrade??

If its just a software update then when I downloaded the update for the with NAV option I should be good to install it right? I shouldn't lose my NAV?

Call me crazy and one of the few but our MFT (or Sync2 or whatever it is) has worked very well for us. My wife likes it and actually uses it, I like the home screen with the 4 displays showing everything at once glance, Nav works well (a little clumsy entering in things but it works and is reliable), and overall we both like it. We have driven a couple rental cars with Sync3 and I didn't care for it but it was probably mostly because I wasn't used to it or knew where things were. I asked my wife and she said to go ahead and update it (she liked the idea of waze and alexa) but if I do the update is there a way to go back to what we had if she ends up not liking it?

I'm sorry this is a lot but I'm trying to clear up some confusion I had.



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December 28, 2010
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MyFord Touch is Sync 2. As far as I know you can not upgrade Sync 2 to Sync 3 with merely a software update. They are different systems. As to your question about not losing Navigation with your recent download version, I can't say for sure.



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July 16, 2017
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Going from Sync 2 to Sync 3 is both a software and hardware upgrade. Your current Sync2 display screen is not compatible with Sync3 and so can not be upgraded. Although the Sync 2 is a touch screen, it does not support the 'pinch and zoom' feature that is found on the Sync3. You have to swap out hardware, including replacing the USB hub/port.

Upgrading your Sync 2 to the latest firmware revision (3.10) is not the same as having a Sync 3 system. It just means Sync 2 v3.10. Confused yet? It gets worse.

MFT and Sync2. You can think of them as one in the same because they were bundled, but its basically just a hot mess as they were so intertwined its hard to say exactly. MyFord Touch - Wikipedia Sync refers to hands free activities, voice control, etc. and the MFT refers to the 2 lcd displays in your dash and the main 8 inch display... I think.