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Question about Trans.


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May 8, 2005
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Weymouth, MA
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92 XLT 4DR 4WD
Ok before I get the standard use the Search option, I already did. My question is about tranny fluid. My truck has 124K on it and the tranny hasn't been flushed in god knows how long. I've been told by a few places that it may not be a good idea to flush it out because it's been in there so long and I could do more harm than good. What do you guys think?? I am completely capable of doing the flush myself. I can't see spending 100 plus to have a shop do it for me. Now if I should do it what kind of Tranny fluid do you guys recommend. A4LD Trans, and also what kind of gear oil do you recommend I plan on doing the Tranny and diffs the same day just to get them out of the way. Any info would be great. Thanks.

Regular Dexron/Mercon III fluid is good. What kind of differential do you have? Is it the locking type? I use Richmond Gear synthetic oil in mine.

appreciate it as always

Thanks for the info, haven't had a chance to do the flush yet but I plan on it soon. Oh yeah the diffs are standard open diffs with 3.27 gears... Yeah I know they suck but I can't afford new ones just yet, I have a six month old son now that takes precedents over all else.