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Question about updating Factory Nav/Sound system

Brian Jordan

March 28, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
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2010 Limited V8
Hey guys, long time member, first time poster

About to bite the bullet and buy my first 4th Gen. Decided on an '09-'10 Limited V8 model with the factory Nav. My question is, how can I tell which version of the map update is currently installed and does for still sell updates for this system? How up to date and comprehensive are they updates? I tried to navigate the Ford site for answers, but it was essentially useless?

I ask, because I'm coming from an F150 that was an original 6-disk truck, that I installed an aftermarket Alpine head unit (INAW900) that I bought new. Paid $1,000 for it, with big promises of long term functionality, only to find out that Alpine only ever released 1-map update for it, then pretty much washed their hands of it!?!?! I literally don't even bother with it anymore, and just use Google Maps through my cell phone if I want navigation. Kinda frustrating.

Was curious if Ford had done the same, only offering map updates until the latest and greatest SYNC system came out, then walked away from the unit?

Assuming the maps are updatable, are there any good reviews/complaints about the system? How upgradeable is it? Any good plug and play set ups that will allow you to keep the factory Nav head unit, but improve the sound quality?

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As I am aware Ford has at least 3 version of Nav systems in this generation. 09 require a custom DVD to update and Version is on the Info screen. 2010's I believe use a SD card and 08's and earlier are different again.

Can I assume that the 2010's would be the same as the 2009's?

Assume nothing, Ford changes stuff year to year. Ask your dealer and or parts dept for info. Odd are its using a card as well but maybe different in some way. There is upgrade via Ford online which may help clarify as it is for the 2009. Sorry our 09 is the custom DVD. Mistake, I have to correct the above. there a way to confirm which version of the Nav has been installed? Will it show the version number in the main menu area somewhere? Might be a usable bargaining chip when buying mine if it hasn't been updated?

Just pop out the CD and it will tell yu teh version. The latest I have seen and I installed in my 06 was 13P whatever that means, I guess 2013 update.