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question about volts..amps

well i wouldn't use mtx if i couldn't get such good deals on it with a warranty.

however, i'm more than excited to use these 9500s. they will put out more noise than a 13w7 without a doubt!

here's a picture of a measly 12"


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and now i stole the thread, im sorry and i'll go away in a second


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Expo, I get what you're saying now. You had it labelled as a way to guess RMS power, its more like a theoretical maximum.

My RF's are Punch 160.2 and 100.2, model year 2001. I'm not selling them though, the 160.2 drives my fronts and 100.2 drives the rears.

I do have a nice blown Punch X1000.1 for sale though :D

I know what you mean about Sony... have two XM-1902GX'S and right on the amp it says 760 watts. They're only rated 150x2 at 4 ohms RMS and 200x2 at 2 Ohms RMS. I made the mistake of thinking Sony's Mobile ES line would be better than the regular.... Nope. I've blown both amps once already.

Kind of off-topic here... but blowing amps is not something that normally happens unless the installer screws up the install.

i.e. You wire your load with too low of an impedance and the amp can't handle it, overheats, and "melts down"

I have never blown an amp or had anyone I know blow an amp because we all know how to install things and run them at their rated ranges. Let me know how you blow your amps though! That's not due to the brand so much as improper use.

One of the Sony's blew cause I was running it 2 ohms bridged... Yeah that one was my fault. The other was running 2 ohms stereo and went... Its rated stable down to 1.3 ohms stereo.

The RF 1000.1 had issues when I got it, it always made a humming noise inside the case. It ended up blowing three subs before it totally went. That was my fault too though, was performing an experiment to see how long subs rated 125 watts RMS would last on 500 watts rms in a bandbass box ;)