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Question for guys with dual in/ single out exhausts


May 7, 2002
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99 Explorer Sport
My 99 sport has the dual in/ single out exhaust. The only muffler I am able to find for it is the 50 series SUV... but even that has a 3 inch outlet. Is it possible to put this muffler on with my stock pipes and still get the same sound? I'm afraid custom piping on this dual in/ single out will cost me a bundle! Please help.... Thanks.

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If you take it to a good muffler shop they should be able to plumb you out a good 2.5" tailpipe through the stock routing. Your stock tailpipe will choke any benefit from the muffler.

Cost of most custom muffler/tailpipe installs (including muffler) $200.

just a question: why not dual outs?

Originally posted by DeagleDave
just a question: why not dual outs?


The only benefits of duals is looks. And that can be out-weighted by the extra cost of routing around the spare.


BTW: I am a huge "duals" fan:D

In case I wasn't clear: a 3" out is no problem, just have the shop form the tailpipe to constrict it down the 2.5".

cool... i guess i'll go with the 50 series suv.... pep boys siad they'll order it for $120 shipped. This sound like a good deal? Then i'll just have a shop build me 2.5 piping and contract the 3 inch down to 2.5

I'd see about getting it directly from a shop and have them do everything. Some shops wont install customer's parts, and also it will end up cheaper getting it all from the installer.

well i'm a big fan of duals...what's the point of having a flowmaster with the duals? i think part of the ambience of having your X sound like a mustang is that it can sorta resemble one too