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Question on a Good Amp for my 6x8's


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March 1, 2005
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1992 XLT
I have 4 Pioneer TS-A6870R running through my Sony CDX-MP40 Head Unit. Now, I'm installing a 1500 Watt Kicker subwoofer system, and I know I wont be able to hear anything but the subs when I get them put in. So I'm thinking I'll need to boost my 6x8's with a 4 Channel amplifier...right?

So if the speakers run at a nominal 50W at 4 Ohms.....but my HU is only pumping out 28W at 4 Ohms....Ill need around 45 or 50W RMS at 4 Channels running 4 Ohms each....?

Does that sound correct?

If so, could someone point me at an amplifier that could push them decently?

Any help is great.....Thanks!

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id say go with the kicker kx350.4 its a four channel amp with 60x4 at 4 ohm. i bought it and hooked it up to my polk db57's and its loud nice clean highs. if your gonna go all kicker thats the way to go.

my mom had those put in before I started rebuilding the sound system so I researched them, i thought they were decent speakers.

So If I get new speakers I am matching them with the amp...and I want to go full Kicker audio. So The Kicker350.4 sounds good, but tappin the wallet a bit. But Since Ford was retarded and decided they wanted 6x8 instead of the common 6x9, I dunno what to get for them because I don't see any Kicker 6x8's.....what should I do?

That's exactly it. They're decent at best. A small step above the stock ones. But if you try to do anything more than just replace the stock speakers and maybe head unit with them, they can't keep up. Get some nice polks, infinitys, or boston acoustics.

k I'll take another look at them...thanks. Anybody else have a take on this?

Ok, I looked at the companies recommended, and these are what I got:


List of Products

^ It wouldn't take me to the products because they are 2000 if anyone knows about any of those products, please let me know....


Polk Audio's products....I didn't see any 6x8' any help with these?

Boston Acoustic:


^ "Ideal for Ford" i dunno if I want 5x7 though


That's all I saw while looking.....If I over looked anything or if anyone has another recommendation....please input lol....

So, what do yall think of those speakers?

I have S85s in the front. Theyre incredibly clear. But not the loudest. If you're looking for just plain loud and dont care about quality, not the way to go. But if you like your music to sound good, theyre good quality. The mids and highs are incredible on them, in all reality just them alone woulda been fine without the sub, but with the sub they get overpowered, due to the low output of the HU(as all speakers do).

The SX85 is a thinner version, more money and less bang for the buck, no reason to get it.

The Infinitys you can fit references or kappas. kappas are nice, but are components and thus need more room for the crossovers and other stuff. Tweeters are very nice though. references will get overpowered real quick.

Pols the MMC 570s and db 570s fit. Not up to the level of the Infinitys or Bostons.

Remember, 5x7 and 6x8 are the same, more or less.

Kickers are nice too by the way. And a good middle ground between price and quality.

So you've swayed me to the Boston S85's lol. But I checked the specs and they only run a nominal 35W? and the peak is 120. So if I get say that Profile amplifier....I would set the gains around 3/4? or should I then look at a different amp for those?

Well, the Profile amp is nice and cheap, if you just turn it down it'll work just fine. The S85s can go beyond that 35W, but constant overpowering them will wear down on its lifespan. The best way to do it is set the gain so that they're not distorted at the loudest you play them.

i have the polk db57's in all doors they are 5x7's and they fit just fine. i have them to the kicker kx350.4 and they sound awesome and you can get them buy one get one pair half off at circuit city and they are 60 watt rms speakers.

5x7's and 6x8's are the same thing.
Boston Acoustic:

^ "Ideal for Ford" i dunno if I want 5x7 though

Is there a reason you decided to quote me?

yeah, you see what it says above the quote?

i was just letting you know they are the same size. put a 5x7 up against a 6x8. they are the same size. i was just making sure you didnt think the 5x7s were smaller or something. if you like a 5x7 buy it.

Take a look at this company Blitz Audio If you are going to use the speakers you already have look at this amp. BZA4260 It has a 50RMS X 4 at 4 Ohms. If the want a high RMS 4 channel. Check this one out. 4 X 100 RMS at 4 Ohms BZA4190

cool i like the profile amp tho....ive heard of them they are less expensive.....but yea i know its not about price....thanks though

It's not about price? Lies! All lies!

I suppose if you've got a job and no expenses or a good job it's not. But for the rest of us, savin 20 bucks on an amp means we get to spend 20 bucks on something else fun. :)

Profiles off Crutchfield have a 2 year warranty too.

hey man, here's what i would do:

No need for an amp with that setup if you get a good set of components.

I suggest infinity kappa 6x8 comps.
if you do amp:
i suggest an audiobahn amp... cheap and VERY GOOD (dont hate abahn makes good amps too)

the kappa tweeters are really bright and i was running 1k RMS to 2 12" audiobahn flame q's and had no problem hearing the mids and highs.

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