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Question on leaf springs...


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April 30, 2001
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04 EB V8
I noticed my rear leaf springs on my 94 have these little spacer type things between the leafs, with a plastic rivit type thing going through the leaf at the ends. What is this? Does it hold the leafs together? I ask cause almost all of mine have deteriated leaving these gaps between the leafs at the ends. The bolt in the middle is still fine & the U shaped thing that is on the front that wraps around the spring pack is also ok.

the material between the leaves do not keep the leaves together. what they do is actually prevent the leaves from binding against each other because as a leaf spring compresses, an outter leaf will expand its length over the inner leaf and without this material, it would be metal on metal grinding.

They're just a type of slider for the leaves. I notcied that the F150 leaves I used had the sliders worn out. My old Explorer leaves had the sliders almost intact. I don't really notice a difference with or without them.

yup what otehrs have said... they are supposed to prevent binding when the leaves slide against each otehr when articulating or towing....