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Question on Lift Kit Prices???


December 3, 2000
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Hilo, Hawaii but reside in Ridgecrest, CA
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'94 XLT 4WD
Does anyone have an idea on where to purchase a full SKYJACKER 6" Lift system for a good price? 4 Wheel Wholesale sux in pricing (just my opinion).

I live in California near Death Valley and need an inexpensive yet dependable suspension for my '91 Exploder 4x4 XLT to go either rock crawling or camping in the desert mountains.

I would apppreciate any feedback.

P.S. I have a $700.00 and don't need shocks. Can purchase locally. Thanx again.

Ipo Camacho a.k.a. "Stompah"

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i think i've seen some 6" kits for around 700, maybe they were closer to 800, tho. you could go for a 4" lift and a 2" body lift and come out to maybe less then 700. there are a lot of options.

if u get a skyjacker lift with everything it's way more than 700 plus u have to get rims ,tires, and sometimes an alignment

the lifts are pretty cheap if you get it online, at least compared to local shops.

cheap ass lift

this place has the cheapest 6 inch skyjacker class II system lift available. Its cheaper than fourwheelparts. its $887. Sorry thats as cheap as they come.

Hey Stopmah show 4wheelparts the best price you can find and they say they will beat it. Just a way to save a few bucks. It adds up after a while, plus I have delt with them before and they do good business.

Thanks fellas. I appreciate the info. Hopefully I can get the Exploder ready by Panamint Valley Days (if its still around this Fall). Once again, thanks...