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Question regarding front dome/map lightbulbs


July 1, 2015
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03 Ford Explorer Sport Tr
I was about to change the map lights to LED. I assumed they were normal wedge style. When I removed the lens, I seen they twist out being held in place with some round thing. Okay, so I pulled one out and tried to pull the wedge bulb out of the the round thing. But found that each wire from the bulb were "pinched" into metal contacts. Almost like the small little incandescent holiday light strings where the bulb wires are folded and make contact when you push them into their little sockets.

Is this a different bulb than the normal push in wedge types? What would be the number of the bulb? And has anyone replaced these with LEDs?


My map lights look like this picture with lens removed. Twist the white socket part 1/2 turn and pull out. However, the bulb does not pull out of the round plastic socket. The wire leads of the bulb are fastened into metal tabs on the socket in a fashion similar to wire punch down block (can be seen if you look real close). So I'm guessing they are similar to PC579 but bulb is more like a 168 fastened into socket. Weird.


I managed to remove the bulbs from the sockets. I soldered solid wire leads to the LED replacements and got the wires situated to make good contact in the socket. We'll see how that works out. These LEDs are a bit weak and don't provide as much light as the incandescents. I have a few more supposedly higher lumen value. I'll retry when they arrive.