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Question regarding plenum. '03 Ex, 4.0L V6


July 24, 2015
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Boyers, PA
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'03 Ford Explorer
Just a couple months ago I was chasing a cylinder 5 misfire and decided to change my number 5 injector. After completing that part, I reinstalled the plenum without any type of specific bolt pattern or torque. I can't find information pertaining to that subject, so I thought it must not have been a big deal. The new injector didn't fix the misfire, so I had my wife take it to the Ford dealership and diagnose the misfire. They found it and I fixed it. They also told her that her intake gaskets were leaking badly.

She bought the gaskets, but I haven't had time to replace them yet. My mechanic buddy told me those intake gaskets never go bad because of what they are made of. Also, and on to the real point, after my plenum RnR, we notice a strong smell of exhaust when we roll down the windows. Could exhaust gases leak out of the intake? The truck is running beautifully again and the misfire also fixed the jerky shifting issues in the tranny. I wonder if there is a specific bolt/torque pattern to those eight Torx plenum bolts, and if so, what is the pattern and torque spec for them? Am I barking up the wrong tree for the exhaust smell? Her SES light is on with a code about the Catalitic Converter.Any help would be greatly appreciated.