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questions about 5.5 superlift

November 1, 2004
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92 xlt
I am wondering if anybody has pics of a 5.5 lift only on stock or 31"s to get an idea of just how high it sits. I see so many with all sorts of combinations but rarely a before and after shot. I am trying to figure out what lift I want and not waste my money on something I don't really like or is going to look too tall for 31x12.5s. any real pics would be apreciated as I have searched all night and never really find what I'm looking for

that's kinda what I thought, but my swampers measure out to 32" on the truck and they are on 10" rims so clerance is a little issue too but any pics would be helpfull

This isn't the best picture to show it, but these are 31s.


You can fit those 32s on a 4" lift easy.