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questions about window tint


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June 2, 2013
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york, PA
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2002 Ford Explorer
Just got my 02 ex, its gold BTW and I plan on tinting the windows soon. Was wondering if anyone could share some pictures of their explorers tinted windows preferably if you have a gold one. I will most likely go 5 percent the whole way unless that cost too much. Then ill just match the front to the rear 20%. I alos plan on a sun strip for the windshield. If anyone could give me an idea on a price to that would be great.

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5% will be way to dark IMO and I have 20% on the front of mine and I wouldn't go any darker than that. It's perfect for sunny days, but if it's dark out, I usually have to roll my window down if I want a clear view of whatever I may be looking over at. (Example: Driving around looking at houses, I usually roll down the window to see better.)

Here's mine:

Considering in Pa the front windows law is 70% unless its changed, 20% would get you pulled nonstop. .20% is to dark for me a night, I couldn't see a thing.I run 35% , plus that the law for the back windows here in Va.front is 50% but I haven't been messed with having 35 in the front.

If your rears are 20 just match the front

Here is my Mountaineer with 20% to match the back. Like was said, 5% is very tough to see out of especially in the dark.



Considering in Pa the front windows law is 70% unless its changed, 20% would get you pulled nonstop.
There is a lot of misinformation perpetuated about Pennsylvania tint laws. They are actually very loose, and if you do get pulled over for it you just have to be willing to push back and take it to will win.

i have 20% all around on the truck. Hard to see out the back window at night though




6" 5% Windshield strip