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Questions on 4 channel amp


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August 24, 2001
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'96 Sport
I've decided to get a 4 channel amp and component speakers up front but now have a couple of questions, my goal is to get good clean sound without spending a ton.

Right now i'm running the pioneer 6x8 speakers off the HU and never play it past 1/3 volume. Most component that i've looked at advise power of 10-60 watts RMS. Do I want an amp that actually puts out 60 watts or would one that does say 30-40 watts be just as good since I most likely won't be using much of the power anyway.

The amp that i've looked at so far are the MTX 4244(55w x 4), Kenwood KAC 649 (30w x4), Rockford Fosgate 500x (62.5w x 4) and the RF 300x (37.5w x4). I can get the kenwood for $120 US from a good store but does it have enough power? What are some other good brands in a similar price range.

since all of these amps have RCA outs what is the disadvantage of hooking the 4 channel amp to my sub amp instead of using an EQ to split the signal into 3 preouts, my HU only has one preout so I have to get the EQ or connect the amps together.

For the component I haven't really decided yet but the RF FNX 2514 are looking good, these sounded very nice in a friends honda running off the HU.


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ummmm i second the choice of going with Rockford Fosgate, i recently upgraded my stock speakers and put a 4-channel fosgate to 'em and they sound amazing, almost any amp you put to your doors will make a world of a difference since you've only heard them being powered by the head unit......if you go kenwood, like you said it will still be loud and clear, but the fosagte will be louder and clearer......good luck.....keep us posted

If you push an amp to its limits constantly, it is going to generate a lot of heat. I am of the belief that you should get just a tad more than you need, and then you don't have to push the amp to its limits to get quality and LOUD sound.


most Fosgate amps are underrated and will push more power than what it's limits say......

My current HU puts out about 22 watts RMS, since I only use about 1/3 of its power then shouldn't a 30 watt RMS amp be plenty. I'm sort of drawn to the kenwood because I can get it cheap from a good local store but if it won't do the job then it is worthless. Do component need a lot of power versus normal speakers.

Back to your question about the EQ. If your head unit only has one set of RCA outputs, then by just running to the amp you can pass through to the subwoofer, but you will only have balance control between left and right channel. You will not have fader control between front and rear.

30 watts per channel will drive the 6x8 Pioneer speakers fine.

Id get the 500x just because if you wish to upgrade again you wont have to worry about if you *might* have enough power for new speakers or components.

what mahieber had to say is EXACTLY how i feel... the more powerful is the way to go just because your not running it at full tilt all the time just to get power outta it. Doing so might clip the signal and cause your speakers to fail. A more power but clean signal in many cases is safer then running a low power clipped signal