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questions on upgrading my subs


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November 8, 2009
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1997 Eddie Bauer
I have a pair of kenwoods that are starting to wear out( they are showing some rattling when they hit certain notes) it is deffinitely the subs because i have listened to them up close and ruled out anything around them rattling. but i have a pioneer aamp and wondered what subs you guys would work best with my amp.

Amplifier Output Details: 125 Watt - 4 Ohm - 14.4V DC - 2 channel(s) 190 Watt - 2 Ohm - 14.4V DC - 2 channel(s) 380 Watt - 4 Ohm - 14.4V DC - 1 channel(s)
I was looking at these 10 inch subs...

1.Kicker 05C10-4(im not sure this can handle the power i wanna put to it)
RMS Power Range : 50-150 Watts
* Peak Power Handling: 300 Watts
* Impedance: 4 Ohm

2.Rockford Fosgate Punch P1S410
10" Single 4 ohms Punch Stage 1 Subwoofer
Power Handling:
Peak: 300 watts
RMS: 150 watts
Impedance: Single 4 ohms


3. Kicker 07CVR10-4
RMS Power Range : 50-400 Watts
* Peak Power Handling: 800 Watts
* Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm

what do you guys think? i want a sub that can take some abuse and will last me a long time. i want to find a sub that can handle my amp perfectly or more. i want to stay to my origional system of 2 10inch woofers so i am not going to buy a new box or anything. Btw i am running a sealed box.

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RF P1's will work perfectly. make sure u get the single 8 ohm subs so u can wire them in parallel and bridge them on the amp to have a 4 ohm load.

if i bridge the amp it will be putting out 380 watts to the 2 Rj P1's in parallel. will that be too much power to them though? and if i get 8 ohm subs and wire them in parallel to 4 ohms will the power handeling of the sub be different?

Go with option #3, the dvc's will stand up really well (even though I am a big RF fan).
Can your amp go 2 ohm @ 1 ch and if so how many watts RMS.

no youll wanna go w/ 2 P1's. your amp wont over power them. with ur subs wired in parallel itll combine the rms of them so youll have 300rms. its a really good combo. if u went w/ the cvrs youll need at least 800rms to power both. since u have only 380rms chit will lag...

-or if u want a lil more bump than p1's get p2's the dual 4's wire each down to 8ohms then parallel them together to get 4 ohm load.

the amp is a pioneer 5300t is is stable at 2 ohms on 2 channels at 190W on each channel. or if i bridge it at 4 ohms it is capable of 380w. the amp is only stable to bridge at 4 ohms.

i would rather buy the kicker 07cvr104 with the higher power rating and DVC. i want these because i might upgrade my amp later on in life lol. but i want to know if i buy the kickers at 4 ohms each is there a way to run them at 2 ohms withou bridging the 2 channels? like how can i wire them to run on each channel at 2 ohms? is there a way?

or should i just buy the kikers at 8 ohms and run them in parralel for a 4 ohms bridge load on the amp?

If you want to get the svc kickers, yes for the 2-8 ohm subs.

Ya if you went w/ the CVR's you'll wanna get the dual 4ohm. So when u wire them to your amp you want to wire each sub in series which will make them 8ohms then parallel them together to give you a Rohm load. And u can still wire them in parallel to get a 2ohm load on each sub if u wanted to u coould even get a 1ohm load by one channel.

So get the dual 4s. Sonicelectronix is having a sale on 2 12" cvr's for $150.

Get the dvc 4ohm kicker cvr's. Cus then you can wire it each way you want to.

sweet! i might just go with the with the dual 4 ohm subs and wire them in parallel to still have a 4 ohms load on the amp and in awhile upgrade the amp if i get money later on.

but my last question is that since the subs can handle more power then the amp is capable of will it be noticable? will the subs not hit very hard? or will it not be very noticable? just curious

ya youll notice it but they will be louder than your 2 kenwoods. when you buy an amp look for one thats 1000rms or more @ 1 ohm bridged or 1000rms @ 2ohms x2 channels. hifonics make great amps for the price but i always recommend audioque or sundown.

do you mean that the new 2 10" kickers will be louder than my kenwoods i have now? i know my kenwoods hit pretty hard, just wondered if the kickers will sound a lot better than my kens. what is your opinion

Oh yeah they'll have better sq. It depends on your box and how much power your giving them as well. And since your gonna have the same box and power they won't get too much louder. If u upgrade ur box and amp it'll be twice as loud guaranteed.

Oh yeah they'll have better sq. It depends on your box and how much power your giving them as well. And since your gonna have the same box and power they won't get too much louder. If u upgrade ur box and amp it'll be twice as loud guaranteed.

i meant since i wasnt going to run quite as much power to them as they could take. will they be louder or quieter than my current kenwoods since my kenwoods have more than enough power to them? i jw since my amp isnt quite powerful enough. like is my system not going to bump as good as it does now since i dont have a big enough amp for those subs?

i deffinitely dont mind having more bass, i love when she bumps hard lol i just dont want to have less after i pay this money for new subs. i am just covering all the areas before i go through with the purchase.