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Questions on wood grain dash panels


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April 19, 2005
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2006 XLT
I'm trying to make a decision on adding wood dash trim to our new '06 XLT.

Does the stick on, molded wood kit look factory EB panels ( Or does it look like a stick-on? I would want it to look like the factory EB dash.

I have thought about just ordering the factory wood dash and door panel pieces for an EB from a dealer or online. Would that work? Would it look better than the stick on? Anyone have any idea on price for this?


The original stuff looks plastic to me and it snaps on. I doubt if any stick-on stuff would look right.

Do a search online. there are companies that you send your pannels to and the lay a film on top of them and also paint them. So they could do like a green carbon fiber look if you really wanted to. Thats is how alot of the custom kits in cars that are not stick-ons are.